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+++ After massive strikes in Ukraine war, Kyiv celebrates defense against Russian missiles


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Air: Helena Greece, Sandra Gathe, Casper Felix Hoffmann, Sebastian Richter, Nadia Austell, Stephen Krieger, Andreas Abetz

Russia launched a full-scale air attack on Ukraine. Kiev is satisfied with its air defense despite the casualties. Current status in message ticker.

  • Wind alarm: Massive Russian rocket attacks hit Ukrainian infrastructure.
  • Attack: Russian forces are reportedly using banned chemical weapons against Ukraine.
  • Editor’s note: Read the latest developments Ukraine conflict On our news ticker. Information is processed here Ukraine war Some came from warring parties Russia And this Ukraine. Therefore, they cannot be independently verified in part.

Update from 6:25 am on Tuesday, December 6: The latest wave of Russian attacks has again killed scores of people in Ukraine and cut off electricity and water supplies in some places. The Ukrainian Air Defense Service said the Russian military used nearly 70 cruise missiles in a major attack on targets in Ukraine on Monday (November 5).

According to their own reports, the Ukrainian air defense system shot down 60 of about 70 cruise missiles. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky celebrated the successes of air defense: “A concrete proof that every Russian missile can defeat terrorism,” he said in his daily video address.

Ukrainian soldiers and law enforcement officials investigate the site of the rocket attack. According to the Ukrainian Air Defense, the Russian military used nearly 70 cruise missiles in a new major attack on targets in Ukraine. © dpa

Ukraine War News: Putin Visits Crimean Bridge

+++ 9:51 PM: According to a report Moscow Times President Vladimir Putin visited the bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia on Monday afternoon. A few weeks ago, it was hit by an explosion that Moscow blamed on Ukraine.

the sea Moscow Times With the visit, the 70-year-old Russian head of state came the closest to the front lines of the war in Ukraine since sending troops to the pro-Western country. Putin was driving, state media reported RIA Novosti The Mercedes was reopened to traffic on the bridge. According to reports, the Kremlin boss attended the bridge’s repair work and spoke with construction workers.

Ukraine war news: Odessa apparently largely without electricity

+++ 8.49 pm: Two people were injured in a Russian rocket attack in Ukraine’s Odesa province. This was announced by the head of the regional military administration Maxim Marchenko by telegram. According to him, the region’s energy infrastructure has also been damaged by massive attacks. Residential buildings and civil infrastructure items were also attacked Ugrinform reported.

It said Odessa and most municipalities in the region are currently without electricity. The officials are already engaged in the work of repairing the power supply.

Mass attacks: Russia wants to ‘plunge Ukraine into darkness and cold’

+++ 6.47 pm: Another major attack by Russian armed forces on critical infrastructure facilities in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions followed emergency power cuts. This was reported by Telegram by DTEK, the largest private investor in the Ukrainian energy sector: “We ask you to be patient and calm.” Stabilizing the power grid will soon be tackled as soon as the situation permits.

After the attack on an energy infrastructure facility in the Kyiv region (see update 6:20 pm), Oleksii Kuleba said: “Emergency power cuts were carried out in the region. Currently 40 percent of the population is without electricity.

Ukraine War News: Massive Attacks – Russia Wants to “Plunge Ukraine into Darkness and Cold”

+++ 6.20 pm: Russian armed forces targeted energy plants in the Ukrainian regions of Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Odesa in their main attack, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal told Telegram: “Terrorist Russia has again tried to implement its criminal plan to cover Ukraine in darkness and cold. Dive.”

However, thanks to the “Heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine” and their air defense units, the enemy was unable to implement this plan. Schmihal insists that the country’s energy system remains intact. However, rocket attacks led to emergency shutdowns in some areas. Experts are already working to eliminate the effects of the attack.

According to the head of the military administration of the Kyiv region, Oleksiy Kuleba, an energy plant in the Kyiv region suffered damage: “We have successful examples of an active air defense system. Unfortunately, infrastructure facilities are also being attacked. This is currently being analyzed,” he said, Interfax-Ukraine According to Kuleba, details of the incident will be announced in the next two hours, but there are no major consequences yet.

Ukraine War News: Attacks from Russia – Power Cuts and Water Supply Interruptions

+++ 4.46 pm: President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Monday that most of the rockets were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses during heavy attacks. More than 30 rockets were shot down from the sky before hitting the ground.

An aerial alert was in place across Ukraine for nearly three hours, and most of the country has only intermittent power. Repairing the damage has already begun, Selenskyj reports in a video. “Our people will never give up,” the president affirmed at the same time. This is Russia’s eighth major attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since October.

Ukraine war news: Heavy Russian shelling of infrastructure

+++ 4.35 pm: Russia’s rocket attacks wreak havoc in Ukraine. “Ukraine suffers third massive rocket attack by terrorist state,” state-owned electricity utility Ukrainergo said. “Unfortunately, there has already been damage to the energy infrastructure.” In the cities of Mykolaiv, Odessa, Krivi Ri and Sumy, there were power outages and emergency shutdowns. Agency Correspondent afp There have also been disturbances in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Regional governor Oleksiy Kuleba, among others, urged people to stay in shelters.

Nearly half of Ukraine’s power grid has been damaged by massive shelling in recent weeks. “All pumping stations and reserve lines have lost their power supply,” so there is no water supply, for example, said local operator Infoksvotokan in Odessa. According to Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevich, there were emergency shutdowns in the city of Mykolaiv, near Kherson.

Ukraine war news: Missile attacks aimed at defeating air defenses

+++ 3.32 pm: Vitaly Kim, governor of Ukraine’s Mykolaiv province, reports another wave of rockets. He also warns that a third wave will occur on the same day Independence of Kiev reported. The rocket attacks will overwhelm Ukraine’s air defenses and prepare for further bombing of critical infrastructure, Ukraine’s air force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said on live television.

A large-scale Russian attack also knocked out electricity in neighboring Moldova. He shares out loud Independence of Kiev State-owned energy company Moldelectrica. Moldova’s infrastructure had already been hit by Russian attacks in November.

Ukraine war news: Rockets kill two

+++ 2:53 PM: Two people were killed and two others wounded in a Russian rocket attack on Ukrainian infrastructure in a village. Oleksandr Staruk, the governor of the South Zaporizhzhya region, said this in Telegram. Ukrainian air defense managed to destroy some of the projectiles before they could cause damage.

+++ 2.33 pm: Russia has launched new missile attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure. There were outbreaks of violence across the country. In the afternoon, an air alert was issued across Ukraine.

On Monday, a power outage hit Ukraine’s port city of Odesa, causing water supplies to collapse, according to local reports. In the industrial city of Kryvyi Rih in the country’s southeast, blackouts and failures related to district heating and water supply also occurred, according to official bodies. Explosions, partly fueled by Ukrainian air defense forces, were also reported from the central and western parts of the country.

News of the war in Ukraine: Bloody animal eyes sent

+++ 1.36 pm: In 12 countries, Ukrainian consular officials were targeted for suspicious mail. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleh Nikolenko said this. A total of 21 incidents have taken place in the last few weeks. In Spain, police have already seized three suspicious envelopes from a post office.

Collections with bloodshot animal eyes were obtained by several Ukrainian consular missions. In A letter bomb in Madrid injured an employee last week.

Update as of 5:10 a.m. Monday, December 5: Several Russian rockets hit the city of Zaporizhia on Monday night. The targets of the attacks were industrial buildings and energy infrastructure objects, the state agency Union said. No information on possible impacts or the extent of damage has been released.

Ukraine war news: Biden has no plans to negotiate with Putin

Report from Friday 2nd December: KYIV – In Switzerland, 7.5 billion Swiss francs (about 7.6 billion euros) of Russian assets have been frozen since Russia’s war against Ukraine began in February. Also, the government announced on Thursday (December 1) in Bern that 15 properties had been frozen. According to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, a total of 116 companies and more than 1,200 individuals were affected. As part of the sanctions, Swiss banks are prohibited from receiving large amounts of money from Russian citizens and individuals or entities based in Russia.

Ukraine-News: Ukraine seeks transformers for power grid

To fix her The Russian attacks damaged the power grid Ukraine is urgently looking for transformers – new or used. Viktoria Wojcicka, a former member of parliament, told the German Press Agency that the country is looking for help from companies and communities in Germany. Wojciechsa works in Warsaw at a center that supports the government in organizing foreign aid. (Talk to agencies)

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