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After 14 months, Cyberpunk 2077 has received the next generation console patch, a 5-hour free trial


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Cyberpunk 2077 . But does he get up and do more before relaxing? We’re looking at it.”/>

Zoom / Virtual Keanu Reeves builds on its laurels after the latest Cyberpunk 2077 movie revision. But does he get up and do more before relaxing? We look at it.

A surprise presentation on Tuesday from game studio CD Projekt Red confirmed it historically Buggy Game 2020 Cyberpunk 2077 movie I finally got the “current” patch for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Then the studio released the patch right away.

In a move that smelled of despair or confidence, CD Projekt Red celebrated this achievement by presenting Five-hour free trial of CP77 On current generation consoles. Interested players can now download the entire game for free, although upon boot up, a timer will appear in the lower left of the screen to indicate the time remaining before the game locks up for a full purchase price. Since this experiment doesn’t lock any of the CP77Areas or content beyond the timer, players can quickly drag the game; In the meantime, slower players should know that this timer works even while the game is paused or in menus. So rely on “sleep mode” or other ways to stop the timer, or slow strokes!

Based on my own patch tests on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, I’d say CDPR is more confident than hopeless, although CP77 Not in any way strict several months after the December 2020 premiere.

When “ray tracing” does not necessarily mean “ray tracing”

تم تقديم مخطط المعلومات الرسومي بواسطة CD Projekt Red حول خيارات وحدة التحكم من الجيل الحالي لـ <em> Cyberpunk 2077 </em>.” src=”×551.jpg” width=”980″ height=”551″/></a><figcaption class=
Zoom / Infographic provided by CD Projekt Red about the current console options for Cyberpunk 2077 movie.

Red Projekt CD

On high-end consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X), CP77 I previously worked in “backward compatibility” mode that took advantage of some, but not all, of the power of the newer consoles. This week’s patch appears to be tapping into the full potential of these systems with even more performance gains.

For these two devices, CP77 It now offers two graphics modes: “ray tracing” and “performance”. However, the name of the former mode is misleading. In some games, enabling ray tracing can include anything from a high-performance “global illumination” model to a medium-density system of more realistic reflections on surfaces such as water and glass. sure enough, CP77The PC version offers a broader pipeline for ray tracing. CP77The console version isn’t much coveted; Instead, its ray tracing mode is applied exclusively to surrounding shadows and occlusions.

Switching the 30fps mode provides more realistic and dynamic shadows throughout the game that represent multiple light sources, glow from surfaces, and other means to deliver softer, more diffused shadows. This is especially noticeable in open-world sections where CDPR can’t “bake” attractive shadow elements on the cheap. Depending on the game scene in question, this can have a huge impact, as the 60fps “performance” mode continues to suffer from “glowing” flat light scenes where shadowless objects seem to hover in 3D space. But the switch had no effect on, for example, traffic density or other graphical aspects. While both modes aspire to maximum 4K resolution, the actual pixel count of both is reduced by a dynamic resolution scaling system in order to keep frame rates constant.

Hence, current console owners will likely want to opt for higher frame rates – and while each of the aforementioned consoles seem to maintain close to 60fps in performance mode, each can still dive into the mid-50s. The past during intense sequences filled with the effects of alpha particles. In these cases, the Xbox Series X may be preferred due to its support for variable refresh rate monitors, which deal more nimbly with drops below 60. But routine testing on the PS5 wasn’t annoying or had consistent frame speed issues. To be clear: Both systems previously offered 60fps modes in the past. This week’s patch raises the visible pixel count of both units’ performance modes while also upgrading visual aspects, such as towing distance and the number of vehicles visible on intermediate roads.

At the same time, the Xbox Series S does not have such a mode for switching. The weaker current-generation console is locked up to 30fps at a maximum resolution of 1440p without any ray tracing shadow support.

Whatever the current mode or platform you choose, a file CP77 The gameplay will take advantage of current PCI-e 4.0 storage speeds. That’s because load times now drop closer to 3-5 seconds, instead of 12-15 seconds on previous current generation versions or 45-60 seconds on last generation consoles. Oddly enough, CDPR chose to add “secrets” about the game’s open world that can only be found on current-generation PCs and consoles. Sorry, PS4 and XB1 fans.

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