Acura Integra Type S Flip fails

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I guess we’ll have to keep posting this stuff until you guys learn :TIt’s the car market INot the same place it was a year or two ago. You are the flippers here Try to earn a penny as a hot supermodel He comes out disappointed. we’ve got Another example to Greed fails here today. flip to try Acura Integra Type S that Failed spectacularly.

S type integra It didn’t even come out six months. They are now at dealers, but that hasn’t stopped one buyer from wanting to line his pockets with cash instead of enjoying his $50,000 sports contract. auction I started On cars and auctions on August 25th. With only 500 miles, it’s brand new. While the timing of everything strongly suggests this is a coup, the seller did mention in the comments that he was selling it because “some family issues came up” though he didn’t elaborate further.

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picture: Cars and bids

The bidding was…strange. Despite being an auction with 26,000 views, it only received two bids. The first was a comically low bid of $2,024. The second bid was $49,500, less than the reserve set by the buyer and $3,495 less than the Integra Type S sticker price. Bidding remained until the auction ended, resulting in the auction failing and the Model S not selling.

The comments section was a bit of a mess of course. Some were pointing out the stupidity of trying to sell this thing on an auction site when so many dealers come to their senses and sell it on an MSRP. Others pointed out Factual errors or statements they believe may have contributed to the auction receiving only two bids, such as the mileage being actually 490 instead of 500, and the listing saying there was one key when there were actually two

In the end, though, the failure to sell the Integra Type S is a prime example of the market’s calm. This isn’t a low-production special edition, it’s a performance version of a mass-produced car. Even traders are starting to feel great as a single commentator notice About a dealer contacting him about buying one. “Tough sell because the market near me has settled on these cars. The local dealer has been pushing the $5k mark a few weeks ago and called me today (last day of the month) to see if I’m still interested in an MSRP.

So, if you’re seeing this and thinking of turning over some car that just came out, don’t do it. I’ve said it before, it’s just fun for the rest of us. Get out and drive and enjoy it. You will be much better off.

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