A woman says an iOS update broke her phone

Apple recently released an emergency update to iOS to address it Undisclosed security issues It addresses three vulnerabilities, but for one customer, the update led to a crisis of its own.

In a recent video, TikToker Tori Sage (@sagetori111) said downloading the new software made her phone lose touch connectivity, locking it up and making the iPhone an expensive paperweight. This problem reportedly sent her on an eight-hour mission to fix her phone.

“I have never felt so angry and frustrated with a company as I feel now at Apple,” she said before beginning her disappointing story.

Sage said she started her day as usual, browsing Facebook, when her phone suddenly stopped responding to her touch and shut down. She took her phone to AT&T and was told that “they have customers every day coming in with the same issues.” Sage said the operator ran a diagnosis and told her the phone was working perfectly; The problems lie in the new software. Fortunately, her phone was less than a year old and still under warranty.

Sage said she headed to the Best Buy store next door because it had Apple certification. An employee at Best Buy reportedly examined the phone, performed a diagnosis, and attempted to perform a factory reset, but was unable to fix the phone.

“Again, this guy is telling me the exact same thing. It's an iOS update; he has a lot of customers who are having very similar issues,” Sage said. “But he told me again: 'Yes, your phone is only four months old, so it would fall under Apple Warranty.

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Sage said the worker told her the Apple Store would take care of the problem or give her a new phone. So, she drove an hour and fifteen minutes to the only Apple store in her area.

Unfortunately, Sage said the Apple worker wasn't as helpful as the last two. According to the TikToker website, the Apple worker accused her of tampering with her phone and she did not believe that it was only four months old because it was an iPhone 13. She said that after confirming that the phone was four months old and under warranty, the worker agreed to repair it. However, Sage said that when she returned to the store an hour later, the worker told her her phone had not been repaired and took the screw off while trying to fix it.

“And I say, 'Well, what does that mean?' He said, “Well, that means your warranty is now voided because the screw was removed.”

In a strange development, the worker claimed that the fixing screw proved that the phone had been tampered with, and that she would now need to pay $500 to repair the phone.

“At this point, I've been at this for about five hours, crying in this Apple store because I'm so stressed out and distraught,” Sage continued.

@sagetori111 Let me know if anyone else has encountered any kind of crazy problems with this new update. I'm very disappointed in Apple right now, not only did they ruin my warranty, but they won't even take responsibility that this happened because of something they did. #stitch #storytime #Apple_Watch #apple #iPhone #ios17 #Horrible customer service #Customer service #storytimevideos #iphone13 #iphonerepair #fypシ #fyp #Disappointment #disappointing #Screwapple ♬ Original sound – Tori Sage

After returning the phone to AT&T and Best Buy, Sage said she had to open a new line with AT&T to get a new phone.

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“I'm now making payments on that phone, but now I'm stuck with this other phone that's almost four months old and I'm still making payments on that phone that Apple won't touch because they stripped the screw, their iOS 17 update,” she said. Broke my phone.’ “So the moral of the story is, please, for the love of God, don’t update your phone.”

The clip has been viewed more than 459,000 times to date, and has sparked a torrent of comments from people offering advice and sympathy.

“Call Apple Support and ask for a senior advisor. This was 100% unacceptable!” said one viewer.

“I just got a settlement check for $92 because of an update. It's ridiculous that their software can destroy devices.

“AT&T worker here! This has been happening a lot lately… I have everything for Apple but customer service is a joke with them,” another said.

Apple rolled out multiple updates before Christmas. One of them reportedly dealt with security issues resulting from Spyware attacks. in Apple discussion topicMany customers have reported multiple issues caused by the latest iOS update. Many customers reported loss of network connection and battery drain issues. last iPhone 13 user They reported that they lost touch capabilities after downloading the update as well.

iPhone errors are an ongoing problem. Before the update, some phones were supposed to shut down during the night, affecting morning alarms. Others have claimed that Apple's customer service causes more harm than good, such as one customer who took her computer to clean crumbs off the keyboard only to have the entire computer wiped due to a bad connection.

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The Daily Dot for further information reached out to Sage via TikTok and Apple's comments via email.


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*First published: January 18, 2024, 4:00 a.m. CST

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