A rock slide blocks the mountain path – which leads to a hidden paradise at Garda Lake

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Another rock falls on Lake Garda. At this time there was an affair with another almost secret idol.

Cargnano – Lake Garda is a very popular travel destination for German-speaking tourists in Italy. It is very popular not only in the Italian-Austrian neighborhood, but also on the German border. A big plus is the breathtaking landscape with steep rock slopes, some of which plunge vertically into the lake.

But the rock slopes are treacherous: a week goes by without boulders crashing into the streets around the “Teuton bathtub” to stop them.

A rock slide occurred on the road from Cargnano to Lake Idro. © Provincia di Brescia/Facebook

A further rockfall blocks another road to Garda Lake

On Tuesday afternoon (March 19) a rock fell across the fjord-like reservoir of Lago di Valvestino from the fishing town of Cargnano on the west coast. To Lake Idro – a hidden and still unknown lake paradise east of Lake Garda.

the sea gardapost.it The road was almost completely buried by rocks and the road was closed in both directions. Rock inspectors examined the slope above the crash site. The area has been receiving heavy rains for the past few weeks.

Renovation work begins on Wednesday (March 20).

The SP9 provincial road reopened as a one-way detour with traffic lights on Tuesday evening, a decision made after an inspection by climbers. On Wednesday (March 20) the slope repair work will begin.

The road leading from Lake Garda to Lake Idro was temporarily completely blocked.
Lake Idro is a secret paradise near Lake Garda. © Mario Stiehl/imago

Lake Garda has seen several rockfalls in the past few months, some of them serious. A residential complex with a pizzeria burned nearby over the weekend and smoke could be seen for miles. A bear has caused a stir east of Lake Garda.

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