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A particularly lucrative holiday destination in 2024 – double the value in euros and less than a three-hour flight


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Where to go on summer vacation? If you want to get a lot for your euro, you’ll get your money’s worth in one country. Because the Euro is worth twice as much there.

MUNICH – Germans love to vacation abroad. They want to go to the sea, to a finca in Mallorca or to the mountain peaks of neighboring Austria. Those with money will go far. Exotic countries such as Thailand, Japan and Vietnam are attracting visitors with particularly attractive offers this year.

If you want to get the most for your Euros, you need to visit a certain country. Because there – especially for German tourists – the euro has a lot to offer. This was found by the German Banking Association’s purchasing power comparison of the euro abroad. If you are not sure whether to pay by cash, debit or credit card on the site, please contact your bank in time. And avoid potentially expensive currency exchange fees.

A holiday destination in 2024 is particularly attractive – the country on the Bosphorus is a cheap travel destination for Germans.

The country is less than two hours away by plane and, according to the Foreign Office, is often considered a safe holiday destination. German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier recently visited the country on the Bosphorus with an avid kebab skewer from Berlin. Of course we mean Turkey. It has been a favorite of German vacationers for years.

Not wrong. Turkey has already overtaken Spain as the most popular holiday destination. Because Antalya is not only a beach and sea, but also a magnet for mass tourism. There are other, lesser-known destinations that are totally worth the trip – like these three insider tips. In addition, Germans in Turkey get twice as much goods and services for their money as they do here. This is revealed in a study on purchasing power. This was mainly due to the depreciation of the Turkish lira, the banking association said. One euro in Turkey is currently worth around 2.63 euros.

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Turquoise waters, white beaches – the holiday pearl of Antalya knows how to please. © Tunahan Turhan/Imago

A particularly cheap holiday destination in 2024 – Poland and Hungary are relatively cheap for Germans

Poland is also relatively cheap: travelers there can get goods and services for one euro compared to 1.52 euros in Germany. In Hungary, goods and services are a bit more expensive in comparison, but still worth a trip for German tourists. You can save up to 40 percent here by comparison, according to the Banking Association.

Summer vacation 2024 – this is the value of the euro abroad
(Source: German Banking Association, May 16, 2024)

Turkey itself 2,63 reaches
Poland 1,52 Euro
Hungary 1,43 Euro
Spain 1,42 Euro
Greece 1,22 euro
Austria 0.94 Euro
Denmark 0,78 euro
Switzerland 0,61 euro

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Tourism Minister Nuri Ersoy wants to attract seven million tourists from Germany to his country this year. That’s what she says Business week. By 2023, 6.2 million Germans will already have vacationed in Turkey, 3.3 million of them in Antalya, according to state news agency Anadolu. This season, Antalya alone will receive four million German tourists, the report continues. Regardless of the criticism of mass tourism, it is more likely than ever. A Turkish city is ahead of New York when it comes to city trips. It is now considered the most visited city in the world.

A particularly lucrative holiday destination: Be careful in the shopping paradise of Türkiye

Nevertheless, holidaymakers in Turkey should check food prices in supermarkets when shopping. According to the Statistics Office, consumer prices rose by almost 70 per cent compared to March 2023, the same month last year. Many Turks can no longer afford food, reports say About hyperinflation in Turkey.

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The wave of inflation has not only affected Turkey. Prices have risen significantly again in Croatia. Food and prices in restaurants have increased significantly in recent months. If you’re looking to haggle your loved ones home for a souvenir, you should be wary of shopping paradise Turkey. Many luxury labels are simply pirated or fake cheap copies. (sthe)

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