After Putin's statements: US: No signs of Russia using nuclear weapons

According to Putin's statement
US: No signs Russia used nuclear weapons

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Vladimir Putin has once again caused a stir by making a statement about Russia's nuclear arsenal. The Kremlin has repeatedly insisted that it will use nuclear weapons only when the country is in danger. There are good reasons to doubt this representation—but the United States does not currently believe in the use of nuclear weapons.

According to a spokesman, the US government has no indication that Russia intends to use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine conflict. “The White House has no indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine,” spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard Air Force One, the presidential flight.

In an interview, Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously praised Russia's nuclear arsenal and warned that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is threatened. In doing so, Jean-Pierre opined, Putin apparently “repeated the Russian nuclear weapons doctrine.” It has long known that “Russia is in danger” and considers the use of nuclear weapons important if attacked. Former President Medvedev once spoke of the “defense of territorial integrity,” meaning the defense of Russian national territory.

However, with the war in Ukraine, Russia has demonstrated that it will attack even if there is no threat of attack – and, if necessary, create a threat to the country to justify its own aggression.

Shortly after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, Vladimir Putin lied, saying, among other things, that “to protect Russia and our people we have no choice but to resort to it today.” Ukraine poses no threat to Russian territory, nor is there any evidence for accusations from Moscow that Kiev is oppressing people of Russian descent.

A White House spokesman insisted the government's “nuclear rhetoric” in Moscow since the start of Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine two years ago was “irresponsible and irresponsible”. Kremlin representatives have repeatedly brought up the use of nuclear weapons in the past two years.

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