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A new portrait of King Charles has been vandalized at a London museum, an animal rights group says


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Activists from Animal Rising said they “redecorated” the painting on Tuesday.

The group said in a press statement that two of the group’s supporters “glued the face of the famous British character Wallace onto the face of His Majesty,” referring to a character from the animated film series “Wallace and Gromit.” Launched the group video From vandalism on social media.

Last month Charles became Royal Patron of the RSPCA Assured charity, which works to improve the lives of animals on farms. The activist group said on Tuesday that its work was part of an attempt to stop “the terrible suffering across RSPCA-sanctioned farms”.

“This action has highlighted the cruelty to confirmed RSPCA farms exposed by the group over the past weekend,” the group said.

The artwork by Jonathan Yeo, a UK-based artist, was unveiled during a ceremony in May at Buckingham Palace.

The six-foot-tall image is on display at Philip Mold Gallery until June 21.

ABC News’ Helena Skinner and Zoe Magee contributed to this report.

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