A masterpiece and visual splendor

The film Hanu Mann, directed by Prasanth Varma and starring Teja Saja in the titular role, is set in a fantasy world named Anjanadri. There was not much hype for the film outside the Telugu states, before the teaser was released. But after the clip went viral, it became one of the most anticipated films in the country. To add to the excitement, the makers have come up with a theatrical trailer.

The trailer begins with a stunning sequence of the protagonist diving into the waters and witnessing something extraordinary there. He appears as a superhero and has superpowers. Then comes a supervillain who wants to rule the world and is looking for real powers to achieve his goal. Anjanadri enters with his army and destroys everything there. Fighting good versus bad makes the narrative more engaging. The last part of the song of Lord Hanuman chanting Shri Ram and then blowing ice gives goosebumps.

Prasanth Varma, a genius storyteller amazes us with his writing and style. The world of Anjanadri is wonderfully presented. Teja Saga starred in the role of an underdog who came off as a superhero. Vinay Rai is deadly as a supervillain.

Dasaradi Shivendra’s cinematography is top-notch, while Hari Jora’s score adds to the effect. PrimeShow Entertainment’s production standards are top notch, there is richness everywhere. Overall, it’s a masterpiece and a visual extravaganza.

This original Hindi superhero film which is the first from Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe is making a big impression with the trailer. This will undoubtedly do wonders when it graces cinemas.

Hanu-Man, produced by K Niranjan Reddy, will hit screens across the world on January 12.

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