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Homesport2022 World Championship Best Plays: Astros no-hit Phillies in Game 4

2022 World Championship Best Plays: Astros no-hit Phillies in Game 4


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The Houston Astros making history against Philadelphia Phyllis Wednesday night, as Christian Jaffer Combined topped no dominant center hitter 5-0 Winning the game 4 until you reach World Championship 2022.

Here are the top plays from Game 4:

Astros vs. Phyllis (PHI leads series 2-1)

no points first

Unlike the previous two games, neither team entered the board in the first half. Just Jordan Alvarez Arrived safely after singles.

Aaron Nola comes out of the jam

The starting pitcher Phillies allowed two of the first three hits to reach base at the top of the second half. With two runners on the corners and one outside, Nola hit Edmis Diaz And the Chas McCormick to finish the run.

Houston played 14 straight games without scoring.

bat calm

We are scoreless in three rounds in Philadelphia. Starting the Jug of Nola and Astros Christian Jaffer Each hit four hits, with the first surrendering two hits and the last surrendering twice.

Moreover, Nola threw 47 throws in the third inning, while Javier threw 50 throws.

Nola is going through another phase

The Astros had the 1st and 2nd runners at the top of the 4th after a pair of singles. Nola then pounced on the field from Diaz to finish the game.

Javier deals

Javier hit the side at the bottom of the fourth, get JT RealmotoAnd the Bryce Harper And the Nick Castellanos To blow the third blow. The right-hander scored seven hits in four rounds.

Astros force change pitching

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Houston’s first three hits made it to the base for a fifth-place finish, sending coach Rob Thompson Nola out of the game in favor of Jose Alvarado. Nola conceded seven hits while hitting four through four innings.

Houston breaks the ice

Alvarado hit Jordan Alvarez In the first field, he walked a run to give Houston a 1–0 lead.

Astros wake up

the following mixture, Alex Bergmansucceeded in making a double lead to the right field, giving the Astros a 3-0 lead with the runners in second and third. Kyle Tucker He then hit the sacrifice fly, giving the Astros a 4-0 lead.

They get another run

The Astros pour it on the fifth, as Yuli Gouriel Slapped one to the left in Houston’s fifth round of the inning.

Javier in the groove

The Astros’ right arm hit two other hitters at the bottom of the fifth, giving him nine players in the match. Moreover, Javier did not succumb to a blow in five innings.

Javier pulled after not hitting through six

Manager Dusty Baker removed Javier from the match after the sixth game in his favour Brian Abro. Javier did not surrender a hit through six innings and totaled nine hits while throwing 97 shots.

no no no

Abreu hit the side at the bottom of the seventh, making Realmuto, Harper and Castellanos blow on the third hit. Houston had a combined team through seven rounds.

Combine no-hitter through eight

Rafael Monteiro Picking up where Abreu left off, he advanced 1-2-3 at the bottom of eighth place. The Astros haven’t given up eight innings, having scored 17 straight wins.

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Astros did it. closer Ryan Presley He came down in the ninth inning relatively clean to finish off the joint non-hitting.

This marks the second player not to strike in the World Championship – which has been played since 1903 – and the third ever in the MLB playoffs.

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