Zelenskyj complains about the “madness” of the Russian leadership

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Multiple Russian attacks in Ukraine. Russia says Ukraine's drone strikes set oil depot on fire News ticker about the war in Ukraine.

  • Innumerable Butcher: Fierce ground fighting in Ukraine
  • Current pay: Russia continues to suffer heavy losses
  • The information processed here comes from international media and news agencies, the warring parties Russia and Ukraine and their allies. In particular, information about the losses suffered by the armies involved in the Ukrainian war cannot be independently verified.

Updated as of January 20, 6:20 am: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the Russian leadership of “madness” and warned of new wars in the world. “Due to the madness of the Russian leadership, all the countries of the world are now facing uncertain and uncertain times,” Zelensky said in his evening video message in Kiev. Zelensky again called for the international community to unite to defeat Russia. “We have the strength to maintain normal life,” he said. The world can do this. “Force must be used now to stop Russia.”

A mortar bomb was hurled at Russian forces in Bagmud area. (Archive image) © Madeleine Kelly/dpa

Updated as of January 19, 8:25 PM: In addition to combat operations on the front lines of the Ukrainian war in the country's south and east, the Ukrainian military and special forces are reportedly planning further attacks on Russian-occupied Crimea. This was stated by the head of military intelligence of Ukraine Kyrillo Budanov Financial Times. According to Butano, Crimea plays an important role in Russia's military logistics and is therefore a prime target for air or drone strikes. By destroying military equipment, pressure can be created on the Russian aggressors.

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Ukraine on the Brink of War: Baltic States Build Security

Updated as of January 19, 7:20 PM: Due to current developments in the war in Ukraine, military experts expect another Russian offensive next summer. That is what she reported Financial Times. One sign of an approaching Russian offensive is Ukraine's “active defensive tactics,” and another is Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement that Russia is still pursuing its war goal of “liberating” parts of eastern Ukraine. According to official sources, renewed attacks on Kharkiv or Kiev cannot be ruled out.

Updated as of January 19, 4:36 p.m.: A clear signal to Lukashenko and Putin: Estonia's Defense Ministry announced Friday that the countries' ministers had signed an agreement in Riga, according to which “Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania intend to build security facilities to control movement in the coming years.” Its purpose is to “prevent and, if necessary, defend against military threats”.

Ukraine war news: Russia rocks Kherson with explosions

Updated as of January 19, 3:21 PM: Russian forces appear to be shelling one of Kherson's districts, and explosions rock the city. “Gerson is under attack! The Russian army attacks from the temporarily occupied left bank of the Dnipro River. An explosion is heard in the Dnibrovsky district of the city,” said Roman Mrochko. Quoted by the head of the military administration of the Kherson Oblate Ukrainian truth

Mrochko said Russia dropped explosives from a drone on the Kherson water supply emergency team on the outskirts of Kherson city. Mrochko said a utility emergency repair vehicle was damaged in the Russian attack. Initial reports indicate that no utility workers were injured. This information cannot be verified.

Ukraine news: Russia says drone attack on oil depot

Updated as of January 19, 1:38 p.m.: An oil depot is currently on fire in the city of Klintsy, Russia. The governor of Bryansk region said the fire may have started after a Ukrainian drone was shot down. The fire was extinguished by 12 o'clock. A total of 170 firefighters were on site and part of the nearby residential area had to be evacuated. reports that Ukrainian truth.

Ukraine war news: Russia appears to be planning a major offensive in the summer

Updated from January 19, 12:53 pm: According to a media report, Russian troops may be planning a new major offensive in Ukraine as early as summer. as Financial Times This was reportedly suspected by Ukrainian security officials, who spoke to the US newspaper only on condition of anonymity.

This is one of the reasons why Ukraine is currently focusing on strengthening its security. Accordingly, Russia may try to take the remaining parts of the four annexed regions (Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzia) in violation of international law. The Kremlin is also said to be planning a new attack on the capital Kiev or Kharkiv.

Ukraine News: Russia's attack on war apparently “useless”

Updated as of January 19, 10:04 am: Too much effort, little return: Despite increased attacks, NATO sees Russia's offensive in the Ukraine war as a stalemate. The current fighting on the frontline is fierce, according to broadcaster N-TV, Admiral Rob Bauer, head of the military group in the defense alliance. “The recent attacks have been destructive but not militarily effective,” he added at a press conference, referring specifically to the massive losses the attackers had inflicted. Bauer estimates over 300,000 Russian deaths and injuries. Ukrainian troops also destroyed thousands of tanks and armored vehicles and hundreds of aircraft.

Ukraine News: Russian ground forces step up offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine

Updated as of January 19, 7:00 am: According to Kiev military information, Russian ground forces are re-intensifying their offensive on the eastern and southern fronts of Ukraine. According to the situation report of the Ukrainian General Staff, on Thursday (January 18) there were 114 offensive attempts in eight sectors of the front. This is significantly higher than in the past. So the attacks were repulsed. Information cannot be independently verified. Meanwhile, the sky was initially calm over Ukraine on Friday night. The Ukrainian Air Force has not recorded any regular strikes by Russian combat drones.

Soldiers from Russia and Ukraine are engaged in fierce ground fighting

Report from January 19: KYIV – Ukraine has been defending itself against a Russian invasion for nearly 23 months. Fighting on the ground has intensified again, a Ukrainian General Staff report showed on Thursday. Russian troops ran very violently against the front-line town of Avdiivka. 36 battles were recorded in and around the Russian-held city of Donetsk. The Russian military has been trying to encircle Ukrainian defenders since October. She suffered heavy losses of soldiers and material. Here's an overview of Russia's total losses in the Ukraine war:

  • Players: 373,600 (+780 on previous day)
  • Puncture: 6147 (+21)
  • Armored vehicles: 11.410 (+38)
  • Artillery system: 8835 (+24)
  • Multiple rocket launchers: 966 (+2)
  • Air defense systems: 653 (+3)
  • Airplanes: 331 (+2)
  • Helicopter: 324 (+0)
  • Drones: 6.925 (+41)
  • Cruise missiles: 1818 (+1)
  • Warships: 23 (+0)
  • U-Boot: 1 (+0)
  • Tank trucks and other vehicles: 11.794 (+39)
  • Special equipment: 1380 (+13)

They are: Ukrainian civil servants dated January 18. Information about Russian losses comes from the Ukrainian military. They cannot be independently verified. Russia has not provided any information on its own losses in the war in Ukraine.

Travel more than 1,000 kilometers: Ukraine uses its own drone against Russia

Ukraine says it has successfully deployed a drone in the northern Russian city of St. Petersburg. “Yes, we hit the target tonight, this drone flew exactly 1,250 kilometers,” Industry Minister Oleksandr Komishin told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The used drone is made in Ukraine and costs the equivalent of 320 euros.

Ukrainian media, citing military intelligence, said the attack was on a fuel depot at the port of the city of more than a million people. According to Russian reports, three drones were intercepted. No damage was done. (Talk to agencies)

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