Zelensky appeals to the West after the Odessa attack – DW – 03/03/2024

March 3, 2024

Zelensky urges faster delivery of weapons after Odessa attack

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Western countries to hand over missile defense systems and weapons to Kiev in his evening video address.

His speech came after debris from a Russian drone struck an apartment building in the southern Ukrainian port city of Odessa, killing several people.

Residential building damaged after a drone strike in Odessa, Ukraine
A residential building in the city of Odessa in southwestern Ukraine was damaged in a Russian drone strikePhoto: Office of the Ukrainian Emergency Service / AP Photo / Photo Alliance

He added, “Such attacks using Al-Shahed drones have no military meaning and cannot have any.” “This is terrorism that only aims to destroy lives, and just scare people.”

He added: “The world knows what can be done to confront terrorism. The world has enough missile defense systems, and systems to protect against Shahed drones and missiles.”

“Delaying the supply of weapons to Ukraine and missile defense systems to protect our people leads, unfortunately, to such losses, to the fact that the list of children killed by Russia is constantly growing.”

He added: “Ukraine did not ask for more than what was necessary to protect lives.” “When lives are lost, and partners simply play internal political games or disputes that limit our defence, it is impossible to understand. It is unacceptable. It will be impossible to forget – the world will remember it.”

Zelensky's comments come as a comprehensive US aid package for Ukraine remains stalled in the US House of Representatives.

sdi/wd (Reuters, AFP, AP, dpa)

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