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Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears fans find real Zonai devices


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The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears It oscillates between the high and the mundane fantasy. Link’s kit can consist of arcane fire rods or just a regular old fan. Far from being boring, the “normal” aspect of this fantasy world helps bring out the horror in those everyday things and events. now, Kingdom Tears is inspiring people to share videos of how they see Hyrule in everyday life.

Link has a new set of powers in Kingdom Tears which he can use to build contraptions with the items scattered throughout Hyrule. Link can build with various things in the world, such as waste wood or rock, but he can also use special technology passed down from an ancient civilization called Zonai devices. Although some of this mysterious technology resembles real-world objects, many of them have science fiction applications. A propeller is not just a fan, but can be combined with other things to create a glider or hoverbike.

Now people compare Link’s adventures with their real life. For example, this TikToker jokes about how Link can hit Zonai devices to turn them on and off. In this video, a person throws a tape dispenser at a fan and starts running, given Hitting him seemed to turn him on.

Or there’s that person who seems to think twice about this fan after they’ve played the game.

This is another great fan joke.

This one leans towards the exploration elements of the game, and a TikToker jokes about finding a shrine in the forest.

Everything is basically a meme. But I would like to think that strength Kingdom Tears It is more than a way to let people escape into fantasy land. It also encourages seeing the wider world with a sense of openness and curiosity – and I think that’s very nice.

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