YouTube is an online streaming giant which is now the Top Grossing iPhone app in the US for the time on Tuesday. YouTube has tried to go to top position fro number of times but never reached higher than No.3 position.

The feat which is achieved by YouTube for the first time was first observed by the iPhone app store intelligence firm sensor Tower. It said that the YouTube’s iPhone app was hit the no.1 position in the history of the US. The app is said to be climbing up the Top Grossing Charts for years but cannot attain the No. 1 position. The launch of YouTube Red in-app subscriptions during the year 2015 has pushed the app into Top Grossing charts. After the launching of the YouTube Red app, the iPhone app has jumped all the way up to No. 6. It is been estimated that it is bringing about more than $100,000 per day and it is as high as $300,000 which excludes iPad.

The iOS revenue for the YouTube has grown remarkably as YouTube Red grew in popularity since it’s launch. The young YouTube users are getting their own phones, streaming plans for the mobile carriers that don’t count YouTube’s data.

The reason behind the YouTube to achieve No 1 position is unclear, but it is believed that the online streaming app achieved this position for its steady and continuous climb in the grossing charts and change in the ranking algorithm of the Apple.

According to Sensor Tower, the user spending on iOS is more than $200 million worldwide since the starting of the YouTube’s in-app monetization during 2015. Last month the amount that it grossed is about $14 million which is a 133 percent increase from February 2017.