YouTube announced that dark theme will be soon rolled out to its YouTube’s mobile app. The theme was first announced on the desktop site last year. YouTube said that it is launching this theme for YouTube iOS and soon it will be launching for the Android. You can go for the black theme by choosing from the settings in which the white background of Youtube will be changing to black.

The change in theme is aimed to give user more cinematic type of view. The other advantages of the theme are it reduces the pressure on our eyes, it will help to have more focus on content. The research also states that the dark themes help in saving battery life and it will help YouTube user as they can spend more time watching videos. YouTube said that the new theme will help the user to see true colors of the video on mobile by canceling the glare.

In May 2017, YouTube introduced the dark theme for the YouTube desktop version. The request to roll out an update for mobile version comes in a huge number and finally, YouTube announced to have dark theme update for the mobile version.

With the update of the dark theme by YouTube, it becomes the latest high-profile app to give its users this option. Other apps including Twitter, Reddit and Reddit clients Beam, Narwhal and much more give this option to their users.

If you want to try dark theme on iOS then you need to go to the account icon, then click on settings and then choose “ Dark Theme”. The background of Youtube will be black after you choose a dark theme. This option is only available for iOS users at the moment and soon it will be available for Android users.