It is almost 12 years when YouTube was just a website with a single support for 320×240 at 4:3 aspect ratios for video. Things have changed a lot, and YouTube is now a preferable video streaming site globally. From desktops to smartphones, tablets to TVs, game consoles to VR headsets, YouTube is now everywhere! And now to induce its popularity and give its users and followers a refreshed experience, YouTube has introduced a whole new Logo, some fresh features, and a new and more consistent look for both of its mobile and desktop platforms.

As announced by the San Bruno-headquartered firm in its recent blog posting, after 12 years, today the brand is receiving its biggest-ever aesthetic makeover. The official log of YouTube logo is modernised. Since more than decades, the Logo of YouTube was a duo of relics, enfolded inside each other. But now, the firm has given the biggest-ever alteration to its logo and shifting the focus away from the phrase “Tube”, the new logo is focusing more on the well-known ‘play button’ which has already been an iconic calligraphy for the company.

Moreover, the blog posting also has confirmed that the features and functionalities of YouTube also have changed and revived. The service of YouTube’s mobile and desktop platform has received a new lettering and fresh colour layout. In addition, YouTube also has launched a host of significant modifications to the appearance, feel, and performance of the app.

As said by Christopher Bettig, the head of YouTube’s art department, “Currently, YouTube has crossed the milestone of more than 1.5 billion active users per month. With the option streaming videos to almost any network and screen with an active internet connection, YouTube has become world’s biggest video service. And it oh-so-long, remarkable journey needs a makeover.”

However, as confirmed by Bettig, “Today’s Logo modification of YouTube is not the complete change. It is a growth; not a revolution! There are several more baskets of new additions, features, planned alterations, and experiments are going on, and in the course of a given period, your popular video app will get an entirely new look.”

Launched in 2005, YouTube is no longer a just a single brand. Over the last one decade, it has introduced a host of services including YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids, YouTube Red, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music. As said by Bettig, “After witnessing years of growth and development, we felt that we were misplacing the signature. We want to make something more integrated and consistent, something that truly represents YouTube. Now we are planning to bring a myriad of visual changes to the logo of YouTube which will help folks to recognise it more than ever.”

For the mobile platform, YouTube has brought out some exclusive new features including clean new design, fast-forward video moving, the customised speed of video play, adaptable video format, and new video suggestion feature that will propose videos while watching a clip in full screen.

Likewise for desktop, YouTube brings a completely new look of the app which applies ‘Material Design’ for delivering a new, simple and spontaneous user experience. In addition, the updated logo of YouTube desktop app combines a refreshed version of YouTube word-mark and Icon which makes it more readable and understandable.