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Young Ukrainian volunteer killed after delivering food to a dog kennel


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A young Ukrainian woman has been shot dead while on her way back from delivering food to a dog shelter outside Kyiv.

Anastasia Yalanskaya was one of three volunteers who delivered food to Bucha, about 18 miles outside the Ukrainian capital. the three were killed, According to a news report.

Yalanskaya’s friends and family believe her car was deliberately targeted at close range by Russian forces.

“I asked her to be more careful. Nowadays, a mistake costs a lot,” said her husband, Yevin Yalansky. “But she was helping everyone. I asked her to consider eviction but she wouldn’t listen.”

Bucha was in the crosshairs of the Russian bombing. The shelter Yalanskaya was providing had gone three days without food when she made the trip.

Her latest Instagram story, posted a few hours before her death, shows her sitting in the back of the car, smiling for the camera, next to bags of dog food.

Map of the invasion of Ukraine as of March 5, 2022.

Her car was found riddled with bullets near the house of one of the men she was volunteering with. They delivered dog food and almost came home when they were killed.

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Yalanskaya’s body is still in a mortuary in Bucha, because the fighting is so intense that no one can pass it, one of his friends told Global News.

“She was one of the best human beings I knew. She was committed to helping her friends, relatives, and everyone else who needed help,” her husband said.

“She loved animals. We had a dog and a cat. She was my best partner ever.”

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