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They should undermine the “Huawei” investigations |

US indicts 10 Chinese spies

US Attorney General Merrick Garland (69) announced on Monday evening that the US would indict ten Chinese spies.

According to Garland, two Chinese men allegedly bribed a Justice Department official in New York with $61,000 worth of bitcoins to prevent an investigation into the telecommunications group Huawei. He must obtain confidential information about witnesses, evidence and potential charges against the Chinese mobile phone company.

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The FBI agent, under the direction of his superiors, gave the Chinese a page containing information about the planned arrest of “Huawei” executives in China.

Three trials – 13 defendants

Thirteen Chinese nationals have been charged in three separate trials, ten of whom were apparently spies from the People’s Republic.

Procedure No. 1: In New York, seven Chinese were charged, two of whom were arrested on October 20. They are accused of involvement in the forced return of a Chinese citizen living in the United States. It was said to be part of Operation Fox Hunt.

︎ As part of “Operation Fox Hunt”, Chinese living in the United States are forced to return home. Agents of the communist regime particularly hunt down critics abroad and do not shy away from smuggling. In China, returnees face prison terms or the death penalty.

Procedure No. 2: Criminal charges have been filed against two employees of the Chinese Intelligence Service in federal court in Brooklyn. They are accused of trying to obstruct law enforcement against Huawei in the Eastern District of New York. The accused here were initially absconding.

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Procedure No. 3: Four Chinese nationals, including three intelligence officers from the Department of Homeland Security (MSS), have been charged in a New Jersey county. It was part of a Secret Service campaign that had been going on for some time.

► The indictment charges that the three spies conspired to appear in the United States as agents of a foreign government, namely the People’s Republic of China, without notifying the US Attorney General as required by law.

The conspiracy charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.

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