As we all know Xiaomi’s smart phones are a super hit in the Asian market, So Xaiomi has now shifted its focus to other important markets of the world. Owing to the complicated and unpredictable nature of the Asian smartphone market, the Chinese tech-giant has shifted its focus towards building region specific smartphones and devices. Usually, these devices are specifically available for only a particular country or region and accordingly the software and telecommunication bands are optimized for that particular part of the world.

This approach is acceptable for average customers who can buy the phones that are available exclusively in their country. But for tech geeks or enthusiasts who frequently import devices, this creates many problems. For example, the original Mi Mix which was built only for China used only China version of Xiaomi’s own MIUI Android interface. And as Google is banned in China, the China ROM version of the MIUI could not run the apps of Google, and hence Google apps on Mi Mix contain too many bugs. Also in the U.S., the Mi Mix does not contain LTE bands that mean it runs only on 3g networks.

But now, Xiaomi has solved all these issues of Mi Mix with the launch of its successor Mi Mix 2. Mi Mix is made for the global audience and will come with the ‘Global ROM’ version of Xiaomi’s MIUI which is said to be fully optimized with Google. And the most important thing is this time the Mi Mix 2 supports all the U.S. LTE bands, as informed by Xiaomi’s product management director Donovan Sung. Sung also added that the phone will be available for sale officially in those markets where Xiaomi is having its presence. Although the phone will not be sold in the U.S., it will support all the U.S. LTE bands. Hence, it is great news for all those American techies who frequently import devices as they don’t have to worry about whether Mi Mix 2 will work properly or not.

With MI Mix being made for the global audience, Xiaomi will be able to grow successfully in the western parts. And to be frank, there are many people who are very interested in these cheap, spec-heavy Chinese devices but they are always worried about the compatibility of these devices in their own region. But now they do not have to worry much. Mi Mix 2 is completely compatible with all the U.S. LTE bands, and the Google apps work seamlessly in it thus allowing the tech geeks to import it fearlessly.