The Xiaomi event in China is of course isn’t all about Mi MIX 2 bezel-less smartphone as the company also took the wraps off its latest laptop offering in the form of the Mi Notebook Pro. Running Windows 10, the laptop has all the fireworks that you’d expect out of a top-end device while still being easy on your wallets, which just happens to be another of trademark Xiaomi quality.

Coming to the details, the Mi Notebook Pro is all about sublime grace on the outside while packing in some raw hardware grunt. At the heart of it is the new Intel 8th gen Core i7 chip which the company claimed offers a 40 percent performance improvement over the previous gen i7 chips.

Coupled to the new i7 processor will be either a 16 GB or 8 GB dual channel DDR4 RAM while a 256 GB SSD should help you with your storage requirements. There is also an additional slot to add in more SSD storage should you need it. Plus there is also the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 chip to take care of graphics processing.

A 15.6-inch display should allow for ample screen real estate, which the company said has been further bolstered with the third generation Corning Gorilla Glass 3 layer for better protection against impacts. The display also looks great what with the thin strip of bezel along the sides while the same along the top and bottom is also quite on the thinner side. The keypads are spacious to allow for typing convenience, and are back lit as well.

The custom built speakers featuring Dolby Atmos have been developed in collaboration with Harman Kordan. So expect sounds to have enough of oomph factor to not only reach your ears but also your heart as well. Then there also is a 60 Wh battery to keep the show going. Xiaomi also said the battery will be able to acquire 50 percent charge in just 35 mins.

Coming to the price, the top end Mi Notebook Pro with 16 gigs of RAM will set one back a cool 6,999 Yuan, which comes to around $1,076. Similarly, the same with 8 GB of RAM is priced 6,399 Yuan or $983 while there is a more affordable option as well, one that comes with a Core i5 chip and 8 GB RAM and is priced 5,599 Yuan or $860.