It was hardly six months ago that Xiaomi updated its Mi Mix Smartphone. The Smartphone was updated with a refined all-screen design, but Xiaomi just has announced the latest update that is the Mi Mix 2S. The company is fast to cite all the design accolades and awards it has received for the Mi Mix 2, hence it is not much of a surprise to watch the company keep the design similar for the Mi Mix 2S. However, there are some notable updates, including a new processor, a new dual-camera system, and wireless charging. The Mi Mix 2S, starting from the next week would be available in China, with the rollout to other markets of Xiaomi planned for shortly after that. However, it would not be going to the US.

The Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun exclaimed in a crowded Shanghai auditorium that they are comparing to iPhone X because people say it is the best phone and that they just want to show they surpassed the best in many features. The Mi Mix 2S is even half of the price of Apple’s flagship, beginning at about 527 dollars.

From the front part, the Mi Mix 2S is not distinguishable from the Mi Mix 2. It has got a 5.99-inch, full HD plus LCD display, along with trim bezels on the side and at the top. Tucked in the lower right corner of the “chin” of the phone is the 5-megapixel front camera that is not changed and is as awkward as the former model. It prevents the requirement for a notch at the top of the handset, but certainly, it does not come without the other compromises. The Mi Mix 2S would be available in a white version with silver trim or a black model with golden trim. The phone is made of ceramic and aluminum, though Xiaomi is not making plans to produce a full-ceramic “special edition” as it did for the Mix 2.