The newly unveiled Xbox One X Scorpion edition apparently has Halo’s Master Chief character emblazoned within the console, and can be clearly seen riding a scorpion.

Thanks to YouTube channel Unocero, who in a teardown of the Xbox One X Scorpion edition came across an engraving of Master Chief, riding a scorpion on the console’s motherboard. The engraving essentially falls in line with the console’s codename, Project Scorpio. Also, the engraving possibly pays homage to Master Chief, one of the most popular character in video games exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

The Limited Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is a visually upgraded Xbox One X which features a slightly more inclined design, alongside the codename Project Scorpio, engraved on both the controller and the console.

The newly announced Xbox One X is Microsoft’s answer to the PlayStation Pro. The console is essentially a scaled-up version of the original Xbox One. It can run games in 4K resolution. features 12GB GDDR5 RAM with 9GB specifically devoted to games. Under the hood, it has eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz CUP and 40 customised GPU compute units at 1,172 MHz. Moreover, with Bandwidth of 326 GB/s and 1TB internal storage.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X should offer faster performance, a 4K gaming experience, more storage capability, faster loading time, and much more. Priced at $499, the Xbox One X is now open for pre-order while shipping begins on November 7.