IBM is going to commence IBM Think 2018 conference from this week. The conference is about “5 in 5 “ which is a collection of IBM Research Inventions and Technologies that could transform our lives in the next five years from now. If you want to listen to AI, blockchain and quantum computing then IBM Think is the right place for you.

It is reported that IBM is building the world’s smallest computer. The details about the same are very thin but it is expected that the clear picture about the smallest computer will be in front of us during this week.

The world’s smallest computer is said to have a 1mm×1mm dimension which is smaller than a grain of a salt. It cost less than 10 cents to the manufactures, who are building this computer. It has a set of 64 motherboards and each of them holds two of this tiny computer. The last “world’s smallest computer “ is displayed in Michigan Micro Mote in 2015 whose size is 2mm.

The computer is having the processor with several thousand transistors, SRAM memory, a photovoltaic cell for power and a communication unit which uses LED and a photo-detector to talk with outside world.

IBM is claiming that the computer is going to have the power of a ×86 chip from 1990. It has enough power to run the original Doom which has a 386 processor and 4MB of RAM. The actual application for the chip is said to be focused on supply chain management and counterfeit protection. The chip is believed to be one among the many “crypto-anchors” that IBM is developing. IBM may develop this with great benchmarks in the coming 5 years.