Winter Ember launches April 19 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, later for Switch

hidden sandbox action game Winter Ember will launch for PlayStation 5And the Xbox SeriesAnd the Playstation 4And the Xbox OneAnd the PC Via Steam and GOG on April 19, publisher Blowfish Studios and the developer Sky Machine Studios announced. a Switch Also planned version. It will support English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) language options.

Winter Ember he is Ghost game Driven by player exploration and intrigue,” Blowfish Studios CEO Ben Lee said in a press release. “In the dark, the truth can be revealed, and we can’t wait to let players uncover the mysteries of Anargal when Winter Ember It launches on April 19. “

Here is an overview of the game via its Steam page:


You are Arthur Arturias – the sole survivor of a massacre that destroyed your family’s legacy and ripped them from the history books. Thought to be dead, you come out of exile after eight years, the unidentified man set on fire and seeking revenge.

Embark on an adventure that unfolds a dark tale full of quirky characters, centered around a strict religious inferno bent on domination.

Feature guides

  • real stealth expertise – As Arthur, you must stick to the shadows, sneak into houses and explore hidden passages; But beware not to be spotted! Choose your playing style: expelling the enemies may make them calm for a while, but they will wake up eventually; A quick slice of throat may be a permanent solution, but the blood stain you leave on the carpet could be a dead giveaway! Keep your wits about you, get rid of corpses, peek through keyholes and pick up unsuspecting victims.
  • Deep stock crafting system Prepare for your mission by planning your campaign. With over 30 arrows to craft, experimentation is the key to your success! Do you make a smoke arrow to faint your opponent, or do you add a poisonous ingredient to create poisonous gas? Use your arrows offensively or defensively: smash weak walls with a blunt arrow to surprise your enemy, or use a rope arrow to reach higher and take out your enemies from a distance.
  • skill tree – Customize your playstyle from three distinct skill trees – stealth, combat and utility. Unlock over 70 unique passive and active skills to choose from and seek revenge your way.
  • Explore A Dark World Returning home to the cold Victorian town of Anargal, on the verge of a technological breakthrough. Infiltrate and explore vast environments full of treasure and mystery. From rival gangs to unique characters, approach each scenario in a myriad of ways. Take advantage of the environment, find solutions to every problem, and overcome any challenge that stands in your way.

Watch a new trailer below. View a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

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