Microsoft has finally confirmed what has started to become increasingly clear over the days, that Windows Phone is finally a thing of the past. The confirmation came via a tweet post made by the company vice president and head of Windows 10, Joe Belfiore who said it is all over with the Windows Phone platform.

Belfiore who was responding to fan’s queries however stated they would continue supporting the platform, which means updates and bug fixes, would be rolled out when needed. However, there would be no new feature announced for Windows 10 Mobile. Similarly, there would be no new hardware launched based on Windows 10 Mobile, CNet reported.

This should no doubt come as a huge disappointment to Windows Phone loyalists that had off late come to be identified as a small but dedicated bunch that had been hoping Microsoft to be work on a revival of sorts of its Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft has also been heavily rumoured to be working on a new  Surface Phone that many hoped will revive the company’s fortunes in the immensely competitive smartphone segment. It was also believed to be unlike any other we have known so far, with even the company CEO, Satya Nadella stating the upcoming device will bring about a landmark shift in the way the smartphone segment operates right now.

While the fate of the proverbial Surface Phone remains mired in uncertainty, there is yet another interesting Microsoft venture that many no doubt will like to know more of. It’s Andromeda which Microsoft is projecting as the future mobile platform that will lead to the standard Windows 10 platform operating across a range of device, resizing its scope and functionality according to the device it is running on.

Meanwhile, it was just weeks back that Bill Gates had said he had switched over to an Android phone running a lot of Microsoft software. Gates however declined to reveal the make of the particular handset though speculation has it that it could be the Samsung Galaxy S8 that the company offer at its stores and has been optimised with a suite of Microsoft software.

HP too announced it is discontinuing its Elite X3 smartphone which was the last surviving Windows Phone handset that was still on sale. Under the circumstances, it remains to be seen if that is how Microsoft would like to operate in the smartphone segment, as only a software and service provider with no particular hardware offerings.