Two new features are coming up to the Windows 10 in the near future and, yes, they are going to be significant.

First of all, the users would be excited about “Sets,” which might not be a cool name, but looks to be a superb feature. The premise is simple that is, adding tabs to pretty much any window. The reason is, as it means that while the users would be writing a word document they could create a sort of workspace that they could get back to later.

It lets the users open a Word document and then have, say, a Spotify playlist, Edge browser and probably the other office apps open everything in one Window. That is not, in itself, that useful as that functionality basically is Windows itself. Where it becomes interesting is picking up and working on a new machine, or building workspaces that the users could quit and come back to – all without losing work.

People who work on PC for days without shutting it down and during that time, build up browser windows with things they are working on, story ideas, etc., tend to lose all data when they have to shutdown or restart. Basically, these people would be a fan of the new idea. People very often leave a machine at home and then work with another. This would let them pick up a set, with a Word document and research they were working on, and carry on writing where they left off.

The “Sets” functionality even plays nicely with a feature known as “Timeline” that must come a bit sooner. With this, Microsoft is giving the Windows 10 users a way to look back over their history and re-open the closed applications or web history. Again, this is a feature that many could really like. People, who tend to look back for the article they had started reading or have just wanted to restore a Windows session to a previous state, could largely rely on the “Timeline” feature. When thinking of this as a way to use a PC without keeping apps open just as one wants to remember what he was doing, sounds minor but it implies one could close apps and free up memory and the other resources for getting on with things.

The arrival of Timeline is late. It was supposed to arrive last year in the fall update. It seems like it would appear when the spring update launches. Sets still is a bit more experimental. It would not arrive soon for the normal users. Perhaps, it may arrive in the fall 2018 update, but as of now it is available for the Windows Insider users who are on “skip ahead”. That is version 17643 and to test it one needs to be an insider as well as an Office 365 subscriber with access to the Office Insider Program.

It is all a bit complicated, but both of the new features should be here in the current year. “Sets” would probably launch with support for only a small number of apps and Timeline needs developer support too.