Microsoft introduces new features for every new operating system released by it and if you are currently using the Windows 10, you need to be aware of certain tips and tricks are hidden in the plain sight. Every Windows 10 user is familiar with the Cortana, Edge browser, New Start menu and similar changes but the lesser-known features are the real deal here which enhance the overall user experience.

1-Print to PDF feature:

Windows 10 now features this highly-demanded option that lets you save a PDF file from the print menu which had been long encrypted in other operating systems and now comes with this latest windows version as well. Microsoft has now implemented the much-needed change in print menu of Windows 10 which means no additional apps needed to print to PDF. Users can select Printer section and choose the “Microsoft Print to PDF option”.

2-Snipping Tool Timer:

The Windows Vista was the first to introduce this built-in tool for taking screenshots but with Windows 10, the same app comes with an additional feature of taking properly timed screenshots. One can now easily start the timer to take screenshots with a gap of 1 to 5 seconds. This helps you obtain the exact screenshot your desire.

3-Keyboard Shortcuts:

Major enhancements have been made in Windows 10 to the command prompt option with keyboard shortcuts like:

Ctrl+C= to copy text from inside the Command Prompt

Ctrl+V= to paste text inside the Command Prompt

Ctrl+A= to select all the text inside the Command Prompt

For users of a UNIX-based terminal, these benefits have been provided for many years now. Along with these key features, you also get options like word wrap, high-resolution support, text selection, dynamic window sizing and many more.

4-Scroll Inside Background Apps:

This feature enables the user to hover the mouse over the application that is operating in the background and scroll through the options in it. This feature is highly essential for multitasking and has been featured in the Mac OS X for quite some time now.

5-Virtual Desktops:

The Virtual Desktop option lets you create any number of desktops at a single time in the screen. You can specify each for their own task like office, personal stuff, family and so on. You can easily switch from one desktop to another with just the use of a shortcut via the keyboard. One can easily create a new desktop by using the keyboard shortcut WIN+TAB. This option shall show you the windows you have already opened. Here, you can see a “+New desktop” option in the right-hand corner of the screen. When you click on this option, you get a whole new desktop to customize as per your choice.

6-EDGE Reading mode:

The Microsoft EDGE has received huge favoritism over the Internet Explorer and was originally termed as Project Spartan. The reading mode option in the EDGE is one of the cool features instilled in this browser which doesn’t have support for ad blockers as of now. The user can toggle to the Reading Mode which takes away all the irrelevant stuff as well as ads from the page leaving you with just the content to go through.