Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Build 16241 for Insiders enrolled in the Fast Ring. The new build arrives before the last Bug Bash kick-off and the commercial release of the upcoming Fall Creators Update in September.

The new build comes with a plethora of new features along with several improvements to Windows Shell. With Build 16241, users get the option to recover their pins or passwords directly from the lock screen. This feature should offer users a more intuitive and hassle free way to go about the whole process.

In addition, the Task Manager also gets several upgrades with improvements to the GPU section under the Performance Tab. For instance, the GPU name shows-up on the left side of the tab. Besides, it also shows total GPU memory text counter, along with the DirectX version that shows the maximum supported DX feature level.

Build 16241
Image Credits: Microsoft

Elsewhere, Build 16241 also arrives with a bunch of Delivery Optimization improvements. For instance, there’s a new Settings screen that allows users to customize several upload and download options.

“Delivery Optimization continuously measures your available bandwidth during a download and dynamically adjusts the amount of bandwidth used in background downloads to ensure these downloads won’t interrupt your use of your device,” writes Microsoft in a blog post.

Microsoft further notes that Delivery Optimizations may not be aware of download activity on other devices connected to your household network. However, you can use Download settings to configure download speeds for background downloads.

Also, there’s a new Activity Monitor feature where you get to see the overall bandwidth used in downloads of software Updates. It shows Feature as well as Quality updates, along with Store App downloads and updates on your device. Users will be able to see exactly the amount of data coming from other PCs on your local network or other PC on the Internet depending on your settings.

Elsewhere, the new build features a couple of PC gaming improvements. It fixes an issue that caused the Game Bar to crash while broadcasting. Also, it fixes a bug that stopped profile cards in the Xbox Live in-game experiencing from functioning properly. In addition, a wide range of fixes, improvements, and changes have also been made with Build 16241.

All in all, the new Windows 10 Build 16241 is a feature-packed build for Fast Ring Insiders. It also happens to mark the last Windows 10 build before the start of Bug Bash this week, Microsofts’s last bug hunting program before the final release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.