Iran has often been accused of launching government-sponsored cyber stacks against the Middle East in the preceding years. Even now it is continued to be seen as a major threat to businesses and states’ institution to not just the middle east but also in the international arena; especially to the supreme power, US.

In the present week of July, Nation-state Russian and Iranian hackers have been suspected and evidenced hacker activity has been detected by Microsoft. Two days ago, Microsoft announced, coinciding with the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, that the political Think tanks and Non-governmental groups that are integrated with US political parties or campaigns have been suffering from nearly 1000 cyber-attacks.

These cyber-attacks are seen as an assault by the Iranian government on the US to directly attack the democratic election system being held in 2020. The findings are served as an indicator for CIA, that foreign governments of not just Russia and North Korea but also Iran are laying the groundwork ahead of the 2020 presidential elections to disrupt the American Politics. Previously, the US and Iran have been engaged in cyber warfare.

In addition, a cybersecurity company based in California, CrowdStrike, reveals that Iranian hackers are now targeting Government sectors and defense institutions in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the two main economies of the Arabian Gulf, since Iran is seeking geopolitical prominence.

Earlier this year, cyber-attacks were detected and reported in the region of the Middle East, especially in the UAE, as reported by DarkMatter, a Cyber Security Company based in UAE. These attacks have been seen as targeted operations directly aiming to disrupt the oil and gas sector, significant political structures, telecommunications and the government of the Middle East countries.

E-crime is said to be any activity which is launched through the internet or through technological devices such as a mobile phone. With the recent detection of cyber-attacks and E-crimes, cybersecurity has been crucial for Gulf countries and companies. As well as, a growing significance can be seen to be attributed to their defense budgets due to the Iranian influence in the region. 

A survey of the World Economic Forum, in January, revealed that UAE has mainly emphasized on Tecno-savvy concerns which include data hacking, cyber fraud and the misuse of technology. Also, a report published last month, Microsoft again revealed Iranian hackers were to blame for hacking more than 200 companies, not just in the US but also some Saudi based companies. So, we can hold Iran responsible for the cyber-attacks in the Middle East.