Like life changed from plain to luxurious, similarly, communication changed from writing to digital communication. The modern day living is consumed by technology without which life would not be the same. Apps came up to make communications indeed faster and simpler as the entire world revolves around communication as an entity.

Types of digital communication

  1. Email

Unlike the instant messages, emails are usually not expected to be immediately read upon receipt. Most of the email readers keep track of the conversations that include multiple people through the use of threads.

  1. Social networking

The social networking sites aid communication among the people sharing some common interests.

  1. Video chat

At times, nothing can beat a face-to-face conversation. Video chats extend immediacy to a conversation. As a person’s tone is easier to read when seen his face, businesses often make use of videoconferencing to ease virtual meetings. Mobile apps like WhatsApp and Google Duo provide people a platform for video chatting. But which one is more reliable? Let’s discuss.

Google Duo

Google duo is solely for one-to-one video communication through Google. This app has got a few new things. For example, the user can preview who is the caller via real ‘footage’ right on the incoming call notification. This helps the user to decide if to take the call and in what mood to greet the person.

The app can be downloaded only from Google Play and runs solely on Android and iOS and is not available on any other platform. A feature of the app called Knock Knock brings a more ‘human’ touch to the video calling. It allows the user to preview the person who is calling before the user takes the call. Google Duo identifies the user through his/her mobile phone number. Unlike WhatsApp, Duo is simpler as it offers only video communication and not texting. Clearly, it is not a single unified app. Through end-to-end encryption, it offers video call privacy. Duo has a great consistent call quality. It adjusts the resolution of the video call on the basis of the connection that feeds the images.

The disadvantage is that it cannot support group video chat and that it only works on Android and iOS.


WhatsApp has undoubtedly become the most popular messaging and calling app. The app has since been making numerous improvements to enhance the video calling service.

The app does not consume any internet speed. Hence it would calculate the user’s speed each time and accordingly adjust the video quality. This marks a remarkable difference in how enhanced the video looks. While on a WhatsApp video call, the user can do multi-tasking.

Talking about disadvantages, WhatsApp video calls use much of the cellular data. The app also does not support group video call.