As communication is an integral part of life, technology simplifies it. Digital communication platforms have provided a medium for easier and faster interaction with the associates. The different types of digital communications include- Email, social media texting, and video calling or conferencing.

Reasons why messaging apps are on the trend

Firstly, the time people spend on messaging apps is sharply increasing. According to reports, on an average, currently, people spend at least 27 minutes per day on chat apps. Countries like Korea, India, China, and Japan are gradually falling in the thrall of messaging apps.

Secondly, the revenue generated by messaging apps is unearthly. On an average, the messaging apps are now generating around 67% growth in revenue in between quarters only.

WhatsApp vs Facebook

WhatsApp is a specially created application for smartphones that lets its users perform quick messaging. Now, talking about Facebook, it is very different from WhatsApp. It assists its users in sharing and posting their personal feelings, moments, and emotions with their associates at the simultaneously along with messaging. There are several, notable differences between WhatsApp and Facebook which everyone knows.

The WhatsApp application lets the users exchange messages over the internet whereas Facebook is a website, that lets users connect with the mass in order to build a social circle. The user can text and call their WhatsApp contacts and also share photos, videos, audio, voice messages, contacts, and locations, while on Facebook, the user can chat, make both audio and video calls, play games online, post on the news feed and updates, groups, pages, share stuffs, etc. Providing the phone number is a must on WhatsApp but the same is not compulsory on Facebook. While using WhatsApp, the user can only contact with his/her phone contacts. On Facebook, the user can join with any random user by sending a friend request. No log in is required on WhatsApp while on Facebook it is the otherwise. WhatsApp is good for instant messaging while Facebook is good for social networking where a user wants to expand his/her social circle. WhatsApp provides more privacy and security with end-to-end encryption.



There is no basic comparison between WhatsApp and Facebook as such because both are dedicated to different aspects of communication. WhatsApp is dedicated to instant messaging and Facebook is dedicated to social networking. As a better messaging app, WhatsApp holds the niche as it is dedicated more to the purpose and provides more security than Facebook.