Security investigators have been able to figure out safety insecurity inside WhatsApp which makes it possible to tamper the text messages within group chats. Check Point Research, describing their research work through a blog entry stated that the security defect is that any person can modify some other person’s rejoinder, more like “putting words in people’s mouth” i.e. blaming the person to have said something which was initially meant something else.

After the weakness was discovered, its rivals compared the case to “modifying an email” to make it seem like a matter individual never composed. A large technology industry enunciated that the claim is nowhere close to security issues because of end-to-end ciphering and that such companies take the issue of false information sincerely hence the updated version has limit(s) and label on forwarded content and strict rules within a group chat.  

The examiners came up with three issues of crucial importance by which anyone could take advantage of an issue:

1.    The ‘quote’ feature in the group might change the identity of the sender.

2.    Altering the content of the message.

3.    Sending a private message, which might be seen as a public message.

And among these three, only the third issue has been fixed while several others require immediate action by the concerned departments of the WhatsApp Inc.

The Check Point Research continued their post by saying that-“Given all the chatter, the potential for online scams, rumors, and fake news is huge. Threat actors have an additional weapon in their arsenal to leverage the messaging platform for their malicious intentions.”

Check Point’s chief of merchandise fragility research, Oded Vanunu conveyed to the media that- Immediate texting is an essential technology to serve its users regularly, as we all handle our personal and occupational lives on this rostrum. And it is the responsibility and duty of the consumers to inform the authorities on the on-going situations that might harm the morality and righteousness of the people. WhatsApp was very supportive and showed response towards the negative remarks and came up with solutions for a few within a small timeframe.