Facebook-owned Instant Messenger WhatsApp reportedly faced a temporary outage in many countries including India, Myanmar, Brazil, and more.

WhatsApp users from many countries started reporting about the temporary outage on social media networks. That being said, the exact cause and the severity of the outage still remain unknown.

WhatsApp has the largest user base in India with over a whopping 200 billion users, and the #WhatsAppdown’ was the top trend on Twitter in India along with courtiers ranging from Britain and Germany and Pakistan.

Users of the world’s most popular Instant Messaging app complained on Twitter that were unable to send or receive messages as the service could not establish a connection with networks.

According to a report by Reuters, users also mentioned that WhatsApp began functioning as normal nearly 30 minutes after initial reports appeared on social media that the app was down in their countries.

The world’s most popular instant messaging service has experienced similar widespread outages this year, including one major outage back in May when the Facebook-owned IM service was down for several hours.

Facebook, however, is yet to make an official statement on the matter. WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging services with nearly 1.2 billion users.

In other related news, WhatsApp’s new ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature has now started rolling out across Android, iOS, as well as Windows Phone. The new feature essentially allows users to recall or delete sent messages from group as well as individual chats.

The new ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature comes in real handy in situations when you send a message to the wrong chat, or if the message sent contains an error. WhatsApp has been constantly getting updated with new features this year, and the latest Delete for Everyone feature is probably one of the biggest changes introduced in the service this year.