What to know about Nicole Shanahan, who could be tapped as RFK Jr.'s vice president

Attorney and investor Nicole Shanahan is among potential contenders for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s running mate.

Kennedy's campaign posted online in response to rumors about who will join him on the ballot as he tries to take on President Biden and former President Trump.

Shanahan entered Kennedy's orbit last month after reports found she helped pay for a seven-figure Super Bowl ad to promote his candidacy.

Here's what to know about Shanahan, Kennedy's potential vice presidential nominee.

Who is Nicole Shanahan?

Shanahan, 38, is a California-based attorney.

She is the founder and president of the Bia-Echo Foundation, a private nonprofit that provides grants to causes including reproductive rights, equality, criminal justice reform, and the environment.

She also serves as the founder and CEO of ClearAccessIP, a patent analysis company.

Shanahan was married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin from 2018-23.

How is Shanahan linked to RFK Jr.?

After the 2024 Super Bowl, New York Times Shanahan reported He “gave $4 million and creative direction” to the super PAC supporting RFK Jr.'s campaign, called American Values ​​2024, about a week before the game.

Her contributions helped create a surprise Super Bowl ad supporting Kennedy and drawing on the legacy of former President John F. Kennedy, RFK Jr.'s uncle. The advertising cost $7 million.

Shanahan told the Times she thought the prime-time ad was a “great opportunity to highlight” Kennedy's presidential run, even though his far-reaching bid was largely ignored by the Biden campaign and Democrats.

Candidacy for the independent presidency of the RFK

In the weeks following the Super Bowl, both Biden and Trump secured their parties' presidential nominations.

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Kennedy initially ran as a Democrat, but later switched his campaign to an independent. Polls show Kennedy could pull votes away from Biden and Trump, though it's not certain what impact his campaign could have on a general election rematch between the two.

In January, Kennedy expressed optimism about turnout at the polls across the United States, but said the effort would likely cost his campaign about $15 million.

Who will RFK Jr choose as his running mate?

In recent weeks, rumors have begun to circulate that New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be Kennedy's running mate.

But in recent days, Shanahan has emerged as a potential vice presidential candidate.

Amaryllis Fox, Kennedy's campaign manager and daughter-in-law, Published on Xthe platform formerly known as Twitter, to respond to the Rodgers and Shanahan rumors.

Fox said Saturday that she still could not reveal the name of the person chosen to be Kennedy's running mate, but that she “could not be more thrilled with Bobby's decision.”

When will Kennedy announce his candidacy for vice president?

Kennedy is scheduled to announce his candidacy for vice president on Tuesday during a campaign event in Oakland, California.

Fox confirmed that Shanahan was “actually among” the vice president in talks with him.

“Her work on behalf of honest governance, racial equality, regenerative agriculture, and maternal and child health reflects many of our country’s most pressing needs,” Fox wrote. “Her decade-long focus on protecting our democracy against the dangers of artificial intelligence and instead leveraging it to expose government corruption and abuses on behalf of the people — this is an important knowledge base that our current leaders in Washington lack.”

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“America is so lucky to have Nicole Shanahan on its side, and one of the highlights of the Vice Presidential distinction process was being recognized for her incredible body of work,” her post read.

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