We’ve played Batman: Arkham Knight On Switch – here’s 17 minutes of gameplay

Since it was first revealed in June 2023, we’ve been eagerly waiting to find out how to play the Batman Arkham Trilogy on Switch. It’s the port we all need, but will it be the port we deserve?

Well, today is the day. The trilogy is available now on Nintendo’s hybrid console, and while we’re busy working on our review, we managed to capture some shots of the most demanding game, Batman: Arkham Knight, so you can see the Caped Crusader looking like he’s in action.

Conclusion? Well, you have to make up your mind about that. In the 17-minute video above, you can catch the Bat roaming the streets of Gotham, getting into fights (the part we were all worried about) and sliding into the Batmobile.

With frame rate drops in the combat and driving sequences, these gameplay footage give you a good idea of ​​what to expect from Arkham Knight on Switch, warts and all. Is this a deal breaker? It’s up to you.

We’re currently working on our review of Batman: Arkham Trilogy. Be sure to keep an eye on the skies for the “Nintendo Life signal” over the next few days to read our full thoughts on what the set has to offer (Disclaimer: We won’t actually be lighting the NL logo into the sky when our review is over, sorry).

What do you think of this gameplay footage? Is it a deal breaker for you? Let us know in the comments.

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