Cambridge Analytica which is a voter-profiling company that helped Donald J. Trump in his presidential campaign is accused of stealing private information from about 50 million Facebook users. It is said that an academic researcher at Cambridge University has built an app called “thisisyourdidgitallife” which allow the Facebook users to give a personality test and allow the app to have their personal data. Facebook in a statement said that when people downloaded the app and gave permission to the app to have their personal information it also allows the app to collect limited data about their friends.

There are some techniques which can be applied to you to safeguard your data. You can install software to block web tracking and much other software for various securities issues. The tools that can get installed on your browser and can help you to have a top class security from hackers are mentioned below

You can do this by auditing your Facebook apps. If you are using third-party website to login to your Facebook game or app, then they can access your personal data. To know about the apps that collect data from your account go to the settings page and then click on Apps and you can see how many apps have got your permission to access your data. You can remove the apps or any suspicious apps that you are no longer using it.

When you are using a new app or software, there is always a term of service which you have to agree in order to use that app or software. You need to read that policy carefully before agreeing all the points to it. If you see any suspicious way in the terms of service, don’t agree with the service and don’t use the program.

The other way to keep your account safe is by blocking the ads. You can do this by installing Ad blockers which are an add-on that can be installed in your mobile or browser. This ads sometimes have malicious code inside them and they can affect your system and data.