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  • It’s that time again! “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer rings the round bell, which means he gives his answers to stock callers’ questions pretty quickly.

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Zim Integrated Shipping inventory performance year-to-date.

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Palantir’s stock performance to date.

Palantir: “Palantir has changed, they have debt, they’re pivoting, and by the way, Jacobs CEO Bob Bragada said to me, ‘Watch out, Palantir is doing some pretty cool stuff.'”

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Nextera Energy stock performance year-to-date.

Nextera Energy: “I love Nextera, I love growth facilities, and this is Nextera. It’s a good call.”

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HF Sinclair Corporation stock performance to date.

HF Sinclair Corporation: “Everybody keeps saying the numbers are going to come down a lot. I’m with you — I don’t think, at this point, it’s nearly as risky, but look, let’s understand each other, it’s just because it’s been down a lot, I didn’t like the stock “.

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Veeva Systems stock performance year-to-date.

Veeva Systems: “Veeva Systems is a very expensive stock, but it’s a great company. Cloud-based software for the medical business, it really has a space to itself. I’ll say yes, but you understand, this is a growth stock for young adults, not for seniors because it’s riskier than I would recommend in the offer “.

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