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Watch Denzel Washington Award Samuel L. Jackson an Honorary Academy Award


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From left to right: Samuel L. Jackson, Oscar Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington

From left to right: Samuel L. Jackson, Oscar Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington
Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

The art of selecting the right presenter for any award is challenging; The more personal The relationship between the two parties, the more honest the bidder’s estimate, the better. So it’s very hard to blame the organizers of last night’s Governors Awards, the honorary arm of the annual Academy Awards, who really took it out of the park this year.—notably by tapping Denzel Washington to present a lifetime achievement award to his longtime friend Samuel L. Jackson.

(If you want to watch more very excellent moments from the non-broadcast event on TV, the above topic from New York times“Kyle Buchanan is real fun.)

Seriously: All you have to do is watch the taste that Washington feels alike Jackson Charity work and his Career stats, highlighting, among other things, what Jackson likely possessed The biggest box office hit of any Hollywood actor ever. “$27 billion at the box office,” he notes, before repeating, “$27 One billion. When it comes time to hand over the statue—Jackson’s first, which is still strange—the enthusiasm of Washington cannot be denied. (So it is Jackson, who is clearly emotional, He took the time to thank QT his hair maker and his wife during his acceptance speech.)

This does not mean that the other presenters at the awards ceremony — which is usually held in November or December, but bumped To the Oscars this weekend due to COVID concerns – she was slouch. Bill Murray was extravagant in his praise of comedy legend Elaine May (who hacked Ukraine jokes), while John Lithgow praised the pronunciation of frequent collaborator with Ingmar Bergman Leif Ullman. All three were given honorary Oscars for their lifetime achievement Danny Glover He also received the Jane Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Glover wasn’t shy about the political topics of the day either, noting both the 1619 Project and the apocryphal controversy surrounding “Critical Race Theory” in his acceptance speech.

The Conservative Awards date back to 2009, when they were created to… Hmmm. What is the Nice way to put this? “upload(?) All those honorary awards are not necessarily academic anymore Interested in spending TV time? broadcast As part of a proper ceremony. (See also the controversial decision to “lift” eight categories of the series from live broadcasts this year.) It was always a smaller relationship, smaller than usual this year, with strict COVID protocols and vaccination requirements in place to attend.

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