War in Ukraine: Zelenskyy fired senior security officials

D.He is the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Selensky According to its own reports, it has fired two top members of the security service. As Zelenskyy explains in a video message, they are the general head of homeland security and head of the agency’s branch in the Kherson region: “I do not have time to deal with all the traitors, but little by little they all become. They will be punished.” Both violated the pledge to protect Ukraine, but did not provide details.

As for the military situation, Zhelensky was optimistic. “I hope each of you reads the news and is very happy to see our Ukrainian cities gradually liberated from occupation forces,” the head of state said. At the same time, Selenskyj warned that there is no relaxation. He called on people to suppress feelings and emotions. We all want success equally, ”he said. “But there will be more fights. The more difficult path ahead of us is to get everything we strive for.

The situation in Kiev is improving

Around the capital Kiev According to reports from Ukraine, the situation has recently eased. “Thanks to the firm defense and heroic actions of our troops, the situation around the city is improving,” Mayor General Mykola Shirnov said in a statement. But fighting continued in the suburbs. Shirnov stressed that civil infrastructure is being restored, which will affect companies and business and service facilities.

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According to their own reports, Ukrainian troops have been able to recapture eleven settlements in the southern Ukrainian region of Cherson in the past few days. During advances in the north of the region, they also saw heavy Russian military technology, including T-64 tanks, the Defense Ministry said in Kyiv. Thanks to the success, residents can now Food And get medications. The public welcomed the Ukrainian forces. The information cannot be verified independently.

According to Ukrainian civil servants, Russia wants to maintain its military presence in eastern and southern Ukraine. Public servants announced that there were attempts to set up administrations in the occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Chernivtsi Oblast. Following this, enmity is expected to continue there.

EU Parliament Speaker Roberta Metzola broke up for a trip on Thursday evening Ukraine On. Christian Democrat wrote on Twitter on Thursday evening, “On the way to Kiev.” The 43-year-old also posted a photo of her posing in front of a Ukrainian train wagon. For security reasons, there were initially no details about the MP’s trip from Malta. His spokesman said Metsola would deliver a message of support and hope on behalf of the European Parliament in Kiev.

What will be important on Friday

Russia says it wants a new venture from the port city to the humanitarian corridor, in line with the demands of Germany and France. Like Mariupol To take. The Russian Defense Ministry announced a morning ceasefire and an evacuation was scheduled for 9:00 am (CEST). At the same time, the decree signed by Putin came into force, which required Western nations to open accounts with Gazprombank to obtain Russian gas. Accordingly, the Russian account can continue to be paid in euros or dollars. In this context, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov met with the Indian Foreign Minister in New Delhi. The Ukraine conflict is also an issue at the EU summit with China. Top EU delegates meet with Chinese President and party leader Xi Jinping and government leader Li Keqiang via video conference.

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