War in Ukraine: Zelenskyj expects severe attacks

Status: 06/20/2022 04:56 am

In response to the forthcoming decision on his country’s EU candidate status, the President of Ukraine expects the Russian military to resort to further violence. The Ukrainian army reported victories.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has warned of more violent Russian attacks in Ukraine. “Of course we expect Russia to step up its hostility this week,” Zhelensky said in his evening video message on Sunday. He added: We are getting ready, we are ready.

The Ukrainian president also reiterated the importance of the EU member states’ outstanding decision on his country’s potential candidate status. Some results were “very lucky for Ukraine,” Zhelensky said. “Only a positive outcome will benefit the whole of Europe,” he added.

Ukraine: The Russians were pushed back

Meanwhile, the fighting continues with full intensity, especially in the eastern Ukrainian Donbass. Villages around the city of Siverodonetsk continue to be engulfed in Russian fire. Ukrainian forces said on Sunday they had pushed the Russians back around Siverodonetsk.

In a post on the online network Facebook, the Ukrainian military noted a victory in the Toshkievka region. However, according to Kiev, Russian forces are “blowing” in the direction of the village of Orikov. Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Sunday it had launched a rocket attack on a group of senior Ukrainian military officials in which “more than 50 generals and officers” had been killed. In addition, a building containing weapons supplied by Western nations, including ten howitzers and about 20 armored vehicles, was destroyed by a Russian shelling in the town of Mikolajiv.

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