Wagner’s mercenaries were shocked by the brutal war crimes

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In the Ukraine war, the Wagner Group commits heinous war crimes. Two of the mercenaries have confessed and are not speaking.

Bachmut – These are shocking confessions. Vladimir Osechkin, founder Gulag.net, has released recordings of conversations with two former Russian prisoners. They fought as commanders of the Wagner Group paramilitary force in Ukraine. In the talks, Azamat Uldarov and Alexey Savachev described a number of atrocities they allegedly committed against civilians and other mercenaries, according to independent media. Medusa.

However, there is no independent evidence that the events they describe actually happened. Savichev confessed to multiple murders. Among other things, he ordered the execution of 70 captured men. They refused to accept orders on the battlefield. Uldarov claimed that he had killed the children and that he and his men had been ordered to exterminate them all.

Soldiers of Group Wagner are pictured in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine on April 10, 2023. © IMAGO/Valentin Sprinchak / ITAR-TASS

Wagner mercenaries confess to war crimes and murder of children

Uldarov said, “She was crying, she was a little child, you know. Five, maybe six years old. I fired a fatal shot. You know, I couldn’t let anyone get away. Not one.” Superiors gave them orders, Ultaro said. Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin said: “Don’t let anyone escape.”

Savichev admitted that in January of this year, he ordered two dozen grenades to be thrown into a pit filled with dead and wounded Ukrainians and Russians in Pakmut. In addition, Savichev claims to have killed 10 youths and more than 20 unarmed Ukrainians on the orders of his superiors. He also instructed to “cleanse” a house and kill everyone inside.

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The Wagner group suffered heavy losses in the war in Ukraine

Both explained that Wagner’s group in Ukraine had suffered heavy casualties and that the mercenaries would be killed if they spoke to the press or disclosed information about the hostilities. It is not clear why the two shared their stories with Gulag.net. Osechin doubts that Uldarov and Savichev have consciences. (mse)

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