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Wagner was confused by the boss’s demand for an end to the war


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Prigogine considers the end of the war in Ukraine meaningful. According to the Wagner boss, Russia has captured enough territory and now needs to gain a foothold there.

Updated as of April 16, 7:35 pm: After statements by Wagner boss Prigozhin about ending the war in Ukraine, he backtracked. He seems to have misunderstood himself. Many media interpreted his words as a call for an end to the war, but according to Prigozhin, that is what Prigozhin wanted. Spiegel Without knowing anything. His press service made it clear that the main message of his article was that there should be an “honest fight”.

First report on April 15, 10:47 am: MOSCOW – Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has called for an end to the war in Ukraine. In a press release published by Telegram, he called on Russian officials to declare an end to the war in Ukraine and focus on gaining a foothold in Ukraine’s occupied territories.

“A bold end to military action is essential for the authorities and society as a whole,” said the 61-year-old Wagner boss. According to him, it is the right time to end the war and let everyone know that Russia has achieved its intended goals. “Russia has already achieved everything. We have a lot of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and we are lucky that we have done our job,” Prigozhin said.

Wagner boss Prigozhin wants the Ukraine war to end: Russia has already taken enough territory

As Russia has “destroyed” a large part of the male population in Ukraine and threatened another part that has fled to Europe, the attacks by Russian forces in recent months can be considered a success. In addition, previous regional successes in Ukraine have been satisfactory. “Russia has cut off the Sea of ​​Azov and much of the Black Sea, annexed much of Ukraine and created a land corridor to Crimea,” Prigozhin said.

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However, the “military action” has also increased Ukraine’s quest for independence, which the Wagner boss said is a bigger problem. “If Ukraine used to be part of Russia, now it is a purely nationalistic state.”

Wagner Boss Prigoshin: Finally staged as a general at the end of the Ukraine War

With his Wagner Group, Prigozhin became one of Russia’s most important instrumentalists. In recent months, the Wagner financier has repeatedly portrayed himself as a Russian general. Above all, he claimed offensive victories for himself and his criminal mercenaries in the ongoing battles for the strategic city of Baghmut.

Yevgeny Prigozhin is the head of the Russian private military group Wagner and a close ally of Kremlin boss Putin.
Yevgeny Prigozhin is the head of the Russian private military group Wagner and a close ally of Kremlin boss Putin. © dpa

It is questionable whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will take Prigozhin’s demands into account in his further war planning. Despite heavy losses, Russian troops attack Ukrainian territory every day and try to seize other parts of the country. Besides, news about it came recently Putin to control the mercenary monopoly of the Wagner group Thus he wanted to take away Prigozhin’s power. (tt)

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