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Video: Technical Analysis of the Bayonetta 3 . Digital Foundry


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Bayonetta 3 Finally here and as always with the latest Nintendo release, Digital Foundry took a closer look at game performance and frame rate. How does it hold up?

In short, John Linneman believes that the third game has “some serious technical issues”, and that it is a game that “feels as if the entire production was looking for more powerful hardware that never arrived at the end”.

In general, the image quality is described as “fairly limited”. Although Bayonetta 3 improved from the second game by jumping from 720p to 810p dockedbut the Portable mode Now less than 720 pixels – with pixel numbers less than 480 p.

As for game performance, view keeps 30 frames per second And the Play Objectives 60 frames per second. Play more widely The fixed pieces were now too Capped at 30 fps.

“But here’s the thing, during normal gameplay the target frame is 60fps, but it rarely gets to that and that’s the real problem… In a completely empty battlefield, the frame rate still regularly drops below of 60 frames per second.

“…once you fall into combat, you are basically completely unlocked and unstable.”

Despite the technical issues, Linneman thinks there’s still something special about the Bayonetta 3, it’s just a case of “where the next generation of Switch hardware can really be used to make its brightest”.

“Given Platinum’s history in ported games, this actually looks like a very real possibility as well, so maybe we’ll see an improved version of Bayonetta 3 in the future… My feeling is that Platinum’s technology really needs a complete makeover… It doesn’t play well with The strengths of the Switch hardware … Relax your expectations on the tech side and you’ll have a great time with Bayonetta 3”

On a more positive note, the game’s load times are “relatively short” – with smooth transitions between maps in real time. Get the full rundown from Digital Foundry in the video above. You can also check out the technical analysis written for DF on Eurogamer.

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