Verizon is planning to launch a new Palm device in the latter part of this year. Last August, TCL executive said to Dutch publication Android Planet that “the company would launch a Palm phone this year.”

According to Android Police, the phone may come with Android OS and TCL has returned to partner Verizon for the release. The Verizon has sell Palm Pre 2 earlier and now it is again expected that the company will be again given contracts to Verizon to do the same.

The comeback of Palm is said to be a perfect comeback as Nokia is back in news again. The company is reborn using crowdfunding and TCL is trying to keep BlackBerry brand on a ventilator. The company is trying to raise the Palm from the dead. As per the report, the new Palm model will go through a lot of changes. The phone may not come with Palm-made webOS and in 2015 when TCL acquired the Palm brand from HP, webOS was not a part of the package.

The new old Palm may be a slider as TCL is an expert with sliders and QWERTYs. It would be a masterstroke by the company if they bring out the phone with a classic design as many smartphones have no more buttons. Back in their days, they are big sellers with their models and it would be a treat to watch how they are competing with buttonless and bezels phones.

We can expect a more conventional Android-powered smartphone with the palm. There is no official announcement of the launch of this phone but as per some reports, you can see a Palm phone later this year which will compete with the dozens of other Android phones in the market.