Many new companies are now entering the smartphone market and they are using different carrier provider as their platform. There are few carrier service providers who will interest to take chance to introduce new phone brand. But as per the latest report, Verizon will soon sell an unexpected Android brand in 2018. The biggest US carrier may take can chance to sell a new Android brand named Palm by the end of this year. Well, Palm is a legacy name in smartphones.

As per the sources, the Chinese company TCL obtained the right to develop phones under Palm name in 2015 and since that day the company is trying to revive the Palm brand name. For now, the surprising thing is that Verizon is backing from this. The company has not given any comments about this, some rumors have informed about Verizon’s backing. If the Palm gets a big platform like Verizon, the U.S. largest carrier then it will be not difficult to put the new Palm in front of the buyers who don’t even know about Palm. Apart from this, it has also seen that a large number of US buyers purchased new phones only through their carrier provider.

In past, Palm devices were on demand and had affected early smartphones, for instance, Palm Treo. But in 2010, the brand fell down after HP purchased Palm brand. After few years HP closed down the phones that were running on Palm’s Web OS.

If TCL launches Palm phones, then it will join with the BlackBerry and Nokia. These two brands also trying to make their names in this modern day. BlackBerry also licensed by TCL company. During that time, Palm phones were well-known for their features and for the Web OS which gave a stiff competition to Android, Window and iOS operating system. However, TCL has not informed about this yet.