Personal data of millions of Verizon customers have been compromised by the company’s Israeli-based vendor Nice Systems, according to a report by ZDNet.

Names, addresses, along with phone numbers of as many as 14 million customers were exposed on account of negligence on the part of the company’s vendor. In fact, even some security PINs were left exposed by Nice Systems.

Software Security firm UpGurad first informed of the breach after detecting it late in June, further adds ZDNet who broke the story. However, it took more than a week for the duo to finally secure the server.

The report notes that around 14 million customer accounts were made publicly available after an employee at Nice Systems transferred information into cloud storage area and allowed external access to those details.  Nice Systems had access to that information so they could hear recorded customer service calls to further improve the overall customer experience.

“This human error is not related to any of our products or our production environments nor their level of security, but rather to an isolated staging area with limited information for a specific project,” said Israeli-based Nice Systems in a statement.

In response, Verizon has issued an apology to its customers in a statement to CNBC. However, the company said there has been no loss or data theft of customer information.

“We have been able to confirm that the only access to the cloud storage area by a person other than Verizon or its vendor was a researcher who brought this issue to our attention. In other words, there has been no loss or theft of Verizon or Verizon customer information,” a Verizon spokesperson told CNBC.

To recall, Verizon suffered a security breach last year as well year after it said that contact information of 1.5 million business customers was put on sale by hackers.