Venice Mayor Looks Up Surfing ‘Idiots’ Filmed Along the Grand Canal | Venice

mayor Venice He said he was looking for “two arrogant idiots” who were photographed flying along the Grand Canal on motorized surfboards.

Young men were seen dodging gondolas and water buses as they roamed the main avenue in Venice on Thursday morning. The scene was recorded by many stunned spectators.

One of the videos widely shared online was posted on Twitter by Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice.

Ecco due imbecilli prepotenti che si fanno beffa della città … chiedo a tutti di aiutarci per punirli anche le nostre armi sono davvero spuntate … urgent servono più poteri ai Sindaci in full list!
A chi li individua offro una cena!

– Luigi Brugnaro August 17 2022

“Here are the two arrogant idiots who mock this city,” Brugnaro wrote. “I’m asking everyone to help us identify and punish them, even if our guns are really sharp – mayors urgently need more power in terms of public safety.”

Brugnaro said he would “serve dinner” for anyone who could help locate the duo.

A clip of the violation was also shared on the Instagram account of Venezia Non è Disneyland, a group set up by young Venetians with the aim of educating visitors to the city.

The video, which featured the song Beach Boys playing in the background in the USA, sparked widespread outrage. “Shameful,” wrote one Instagram user. “They need to be fired from the gun for life, Mamma Mia.”

However, others found their mode of transportation to be quite impressive. “I want one too!” One commenter wrote, while another said: “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all travel around Venice this way without giving ACTV money? [the public transport authority]. “

Venice authorities have been trying to crack down on bad behavior for years, with so-called “fitness angels” patrolling the streets during the summer and imposing fines on people caught diving or bathing in canals, wandering topless, and feeding. the bathroom or drop the litter.

Venice Noon Disneyland is keeping a close eye on the various offenses. In late July, the group shared a video of a man jumping into the Grand Canal from a bridge, losing a passing boat.

Brugnaro last week called for “10 days in prison” for a 33-year-old Scottish tourist who was caught diving in a canal.

In 2020, a French tourist was fined 150 euros after paddling along the Grand Canal on a standing paddleboard, and two women had to pay 250 euros each for sunbathing in a bikini by the Sainte-Stay Church.

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