The news of Cambridge Analytica which is a political firm that claims to help Trump in its 2016 Presidential campaign was suspended from Facebook on the charges of stealing the user’s information. The firm access the user private data without their permission through social media which create a huge uproar among the Facebook users.

The findings of breaching the privacy by Cambridge Analytica make the users use the hashtag #DeleteFacebook. Within a time span of about two-hour, this hashtag appeared more than 10,000 times on Wednesday. According to analytics service Digimind, on Tuesday this hashtag appeared for about 40,398 times by Twitter users.

Brian Acton who is the co-founder of WhatsApp messaging service which was acquired by Facebook at a price of #19 million in 2014 asked his Twitter users to delete Facebook account on Tuesday through #deleteFacebook campaign. The people who are not celebrities or billionaires face difficulty to delete their Facebook account. This serves as the only platform to connect with their friends, relatives and professional persons.

There are some people like filmmaker Richard H. Perry who deleted his Facebook account. Before 2016 he said that the social platform has nearly turned to a “garbage platform” in which we can see useless ads and weird reposted articles. Mr. Perry used to promote his films through Facebook by posting ads seeking help on sets and he used to communicate with his colleagues and a huge number of friends and fans. He felt uncomfortable when he heard about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the company might get much of his personal information. He decided to delete the Facebook account and now switch to Instagram and Twitter to promote his movies.

Dan Clark who is a retired Navy veteran of Marine has 2 Facebook accounts. One account for friends and other for family and relatives. He deleted both his account after knowing about the scandal. Many more people like Paul Musgrave who is an assistant professor, Ben Greenzweigh who is an entrepreneur and many more has started to delete their Facebook accounts.