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A simple text threat against Kim!

According to the White House, if North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (38) detonates his nuclear weapons, the United States and South Korea are working on a coordinated response.

A spokesman for the US National Security Council said in Washington on Tuesday that the leaders of the two countries “have tasked their teams to design an effective, coordinated response to a range of situations”.

With a clear message to Pyongyang: “using nuclear weapons” against North Korea is part of the plan.

Meaning: Washington draws a clear red line that Kim must not cross.

Clapping Their Guns: Dictator Kim Jong-un and His Minions

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The US has declared the end of the Kim regime

A US spokesman clarified that joint nuclear weapons exercises are not an option as Seoul has no nuclear weapons of its own.

But: The US remains “fully committed to our alliance” and provides “deterrence through the full extent of US defense resources”.

The office of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, 62, said the two allies exchanged views on “US use of nuclear weapons in response to North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.”

If the U.S. conducts exercises with South Korea in this area, “it would be as good as nuclear sharing,” Yoon said, referring to the NATO deterrence concept that would give allies access to U.S. nuclear weapons in case of war.

Considered hardliner towards North Korea: South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol

Considered hardliner towards North Korea: South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol

Photo: JM/AP

The truth is: the Pentagon’s official position on a North Korean nuclear attack is clear:

“Any nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies and partners would be unacceptable and would bring an end to that regime,” the US Department of Defense said.

Kim wants to mass produce nuclear weapons

Amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula, Kim announced on Sunday a sharp increase in his nuclear arsenal.

In a statement on political priorities for the new year, the dictator accused the United States and South Korea of ​​wanting to exert maximum military pressure on his country. A “prompt nuclear counterattack” would require the development of another ICBM, the mass production of tactical nuclear weapons, and the launch of a spy satellite into space as soon as possible.

During a meeting of the ruling Labor Party, Kim launched a verbal attack

During a meeting of the ruling Labor Party, Kim launched a verbal attack


The strike: South Korea, in particular, attacked Kim in a sharp tone at the end-of-year meeting of the central committee of his ruling Workers’ Party, which lasted several days. South Korea, which has declared North Korea as its main enemy, has recently spoken openly about “preparations for war”.

Also: Kim quotes South Korea as “our undisputed enemy.” It clearly calls for an “exponential increase in the country’s nuclear arsenal”.

North Korea’s goals are not fundamentally new. Kim has repeatedly called for the expansion of his country’s nuclear capability, which is subject to international sanctions over its nuclear weapons program.

The Stockholm Peace Research Institute estimates that North Korea has at least 20 nuclear weapons in its stockpiles.

Key Actors in the Korean Conflict - Infographic
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