Recently reports have claimed that the underground data markets appear to be offering with voter databases at affordable prices. The data on sale is enough for the attacker to learn enough for stealing their identity for myriad purposes.

Cyber security company named Carbon Black claimed to have found at least one market on the dark web lists for sale voter databases with millions of records.

The researchers of the company apparently have found 20 different state voter databases available for purchase on the dark web, several from swing states,” as per a published report.

As per the claims made by the company the data that is offered for sale in the underground market involves voter IDs, full names, current and previous physical addresses, gender, phone number and citizenship status. If reports are to believed than this much information is adequate enough for the hackers to design and execute scams that are difficult to detect and protect from.

The researchers have warned that entities wishing to influence the result of the election could use these details to send targeted campaign materials to the desired audience and influencing the democratic process to a great extent.

As per the information extracted, voter databases emerged on Empire Market and contain data from individuals in 20 states. It states, the seller has records for a total of 81,534,624 voters. One of the largest caches advertised is from the state of New York, 15 million voters. Another big one is for Florida, 12.5 million, offered for sale since September 1. It is unclear if the records are genuine or not, as the report focused more on the numbers and the sensitive nature of the data.

Starting October 19, the seller started to offer a master file with all the states for a price of $61,000. He advertised a trove of 200 million records from “every single state.”

Carbon Black’s report also includes a study about the cyber attacks that kept 37 of its incident response partners busy in the third quarter of the year.Nearly half of all the attacks, 47 to be exact, came from China and Russia. North America came in third place, followed by Iran, North Korea, and Brazil, which calls for a both serious investigation and protective measures.